Due to a security breach we have reset all passwords across Mumsnet

Hi all,

Following the recent security breach related to Heartbleed we have removed all passwords from our system and to use the site, you'll need to reset your password by clicking on the password reset link.

Type in your email address and click the 'Request reset' button and you will receive a mail to your Mumsnet registered email account. (You will need to click on the link in the mail within 30 minutes of receiving it, without changing the device you're using i.e swapping from phone to laptop, or you'll need to request a further reset).

If you do not receive a mail, please check you spam folder. The password reset mail will come to the email you used when you first registered with Mumsnet.

If you don't receive or can't access your reset mail, please contactus@mumsnet.com for help.

We are very sorry for all the fuss. We want to assure you that we followed all the published steps to protect members' security as soon as we became aware of the heartbleed security risk, but it seems that the breach occurred prior to that risk becoming known.

Most importantly, if you use the same password here as elsewhere, we strongly recommend you change your password on the other sites too. 


Justine & the MNHQ team

Last updated: about 3 years ago