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...Where unless you've got a letter from your mum, we've some homework for you to do in the form a short poll. Share your views on homework and you could win one of four Dyson vacuum cleaners or a Sony camcorder (we say bribery is getting way out of control).

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And now for this week's parenting news ...

New internet safety boost: The government has launched a one-stop shop for parents who want help to protect their children on the internet. The UK council for Child Internet Safety will bring together more than 100 public and private organisations to develop a national strategy on child safety online, providing parents with the information they need to keep their families safe. It will look at introducing voluntary codes of practice for the industry and will advise parents about how to use 'safe' settings on search engines and computer security controls (Times 29.09.08).

Alcohol warning: Parents who offer alcohol to their teenage children in the hope of teaching them to drink responsibly may be increasing their risk of becoming heavy drinkers. A study has found that any teenage exposure to alcohol, especially before the age of 15, seems to raise the desire to drink in later life. Even 'socially responsible' drinking (such as sharing watered-down wine with parents at mealtimes) seems to have this effect. The findings suggest exposure to alcohol in teenage years, when the brain is developing, may change it in ways that leave people with a stronger taste for drink later in life. The researchers suggest delaying drinking until 18 (Sunday Times 28.09.08).

If you request a Jump brochure before 31 December 2008, we'll send you a copy of Money: Your Children, Their Future, an invaluable guide for any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle looking to save on behalf of a child.

Other stories in brief

Mentally ill children are being failed by the NHS in England, with many treated on adult wards, according to the children's commissioner (BBC Online 01.10.08); independent schools get better results than state schools because they have the freedom to tailor teaching to the needs of their pupils, researchers say, in a report that suggests social background and ability are not the only factors behind higher grades in private schools (BBC Online 01.10.08); middle-class parents should be prepared to spend more on their children's university education, Oxford University chancellor Lord Patten said this week when he urged the government to remove the 'intolerably low' £3,140 cap on student fees (Guardian 01.10.08); mothers who breastfeed for a year over the course of their lifetime are almost 5 per cent less likely to develop breast cancer, according to an analysis by the World Cancer Research Fund, reported in The Times (29.09.08).

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Quote of the week

Lio asked if she was being unreasonable to want to use Bach's Goldberg Variations for pass the parcel at her five-year-old son's birthday party: "We would have to make the parcel 32 layers thick, which obv has environmental implications. Dh thinks the children would get bored. I say we use the Glenn Gould 1955 recording, which is very zippy."

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Blog of the week: My old man

Cougar ponders the effects of impending fatherhood on the older man (in this case, 72): "Am I the only one who sees the old man grinning sheepishly in the corner transformed into a virile, sexy beast, the pertness of whose bum deserves re-assessment?"

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Carmenere's recipe of the week: Slubberdegullion's braised brisket

This recipe is an excellent substitute for the usual Sunday roast and, as it's a 'sling it all in the oven' dish, allows plenty of time for pre-prandial MN-ing.

That's your lot for this week, we're off to finish our children's homework and curl up with our new book.

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