How to make cloth peg angels

Keep the children busy with this seasonal cloth peg angels activity. The materials are cheap as chips, and you can use the finished pegs to suspend your Christmas cards, give as presents to grandparents, decorate your tree or liven up your art washing line.

Mumsnetter and crafts writer Maggy Woodley has put together this simple step-by-step guide.

  • Clothes peg
  • Paint (blue, white) 
  • Paint (or gold and black pens)
  • Plain paper for wings 
  • Wool /tinsel for halo
  • Glue


Pen Angels


Step 1

Paint the peg in one main colour - except for approximately 1cm on one side, which will be the head. Paint the face white. 

Peg Angels


Step 2

Leave to dry. It can be helpful to cut a ring from a paper tube and clip the pegs to it to dry. Check occasionally that the the paint isn't glueing the pegs shut.

Peg Angels 3


Step 3

With pens, draw on a pattern and face. You can also use a contrasting paint, or glitter glue, and do some little dots. Tie tinsel or a bit of wool into a bow and attach with lots of glue. 

Peg Angels

Step 4

Cut out the wing shape. Draw some feather lines and glue on. 



Maggy Woodley is an award-winning craft writer at Red Ted Art where she likes to get crafty with her children, aged five and three. Browse more of her brilliant Christmas craft activities.

Her book, Red Ted Art: Over 60 Cool Crafts for Children, is due out in March 2013.

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