7 laundry tips for an easy life

Woman doing washing

Laundry. It's like painting the Forth Bridge – never-ending. Thankfully, Mumsnetters shared their ideas for making this task a little less onerous

1. Don't overdo it

woman ironing

“I try to avoid filling the washing machine drum to its full capacity – things come out cleaner, it's easier on the clothes and they come out of the dryer less creased.”

“Huge one for me is that, however tempting (I have four kids and a mountain of washing), don't overfill the machine.”

2. Be cool

washing machine

“Cold wash new clothes before they go in the general wash to rinse out extra dye. Add a colour catcher to your next wash if you're in any doubt.”

3. SOS – Save Our Socks
Socks on washing line

“Bulk buy socks, all the same colour and style. Result! They all match, and therefore there is no matching up to be done.”

Or alternatively…

“I pair socks together before I wash them so the washing machine does not eat them.”

4. Raid the kitchen cupboards
Child with grass stains

“Washing up liquid is great on grass stains – rub it in to the stain, leave for a bit and then wash as usual.”

“I've recently discovered how good washing up liquid is on grease marks. You just rub it in neat as soon as possible after dropping food all over your clothes and wash as normal.”

5. Turn your clothes to the sun

“Best tip: (especially useful if you have an extremely pooey newborn) sunlight bleaches baby poo stains out of clothing. Wash as normal and hang out to dry in sunlight, and they disappear, never to return.”

“Sunshine is great for any stained whites.”

6. Don't mix it up
woman carrying washing

“Split colours into darks and not darks, and use a colour protecting washing powder.”

“We have separate dirty laundry baskets for whites and darks in my house and woe betide anyone who gets it wrong.”

7. And if all else fails…

“Marry a military man who can't stand washing piling up – I haven't done any in 3 years!”