10 toys for guaranteed garden fun

Lucky enough to have a garden? Mumsnetters pick their children's favourite outdoor pursuits

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1. Playhouses

"Our playhouse is an ice cream shop, a fire station, a police station, a post office, a secret batman hideout... The list is endless."

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2. Swings

"If you're lucky enough to have a mature tree, I would recommend a knotted rope or a tyre on a rope."

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3. Trampolines


"My daughter does somersaults on it, which makes my stomach flip. It does have a net and she does gymnastic classes but still... It's now three years old and she's still on it every day." 

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4. Den paraphernalia

"Large lengths of fabric are a great alternative to a Wendy house if you can secure them from somewhere high, like a washing line. We have a playhouse but the kids still want to drag everything outside and make a den." 

5. Benches full of fun

"We have one of those storage benches, full of bats, balls, skipping ropes and foam hopscotch mats. Over the years, we've added circus skills things - spinning plates etc."

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6. Water play

"We had a water table when the kids were smaller. I now highly recommend a stream with frogs and fish for hours of entertainment (it was the main reason we bought our current house)!"

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7. Buckets and spades

"Most of the time in our garden is spent with spades and diggers, playing in a small patch of the flower bed they are allowed to dig in."

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8. Miscellaneous junk


"Old car tyres, bits of wood, old plastic pipes and other bits of junk are popular, but do make the garden look messy!"

9. Swingball

"We're on our fifth one. My sons are now 23, 20 and 15, and still play it."

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10. Finally... an excuse (should you need one) to go to the pub

"We've had a lot of use out of a large pub chalkboard. One large enough to draw the outline of a body provides endless fun."

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