10 ways to nail spring cleaning

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1. It helps to start with a plan


"I have found the best way is to write a list of what you want to achieve, and then tackle one room or area at a time." 


2. ...and a system

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"If you're hoovering, start cleaning in one corner and work your way around the room. Hoover last, so any bits that end up on the floor while you're cleaning don't need going over." 


3. Be prepared for EVERYTHING

Look the part

"I walk around with a cleaning caddy full of everything I needed - polish, Cif, sponges, cloths, drying cloths, loo cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bin bags."


4. Don't let yourself get distracted

Woman listening to music

"Turn off the TV/iPad/phone while you are doing this." 


5. If it takes five mins or less - just do it

Just do it

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"The best tip I can give is stop procrastinating - just crack on with it." 

"Just get up and tidy away 10 things now. Doesn't matter what they are; pick easy or hard ones, whatever. When you get up tomorrow the house will be 10 things tidier than it would have been. Do it before bed every night and that's 70 extra things tidied away this week!" 


6. Clutter is the enemy of cleanliness

Donation box

"Go through wardrobes, bag up anything that you no longer fit into/want and take to charity."

"Don't be afraid to chuck stuff out. You may feel guilty for all of an hour - but then you will feel better because your house is less cluttered and easier to clean. It also stays cleaner because there's less stuff." 


7. Storage helps - a lot

Storage cupboards

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"Replace furniture with things that double as storage, if your house doesn't have a lot (most don't), and add other storage if at all possible - eg storage for glassware on an unused wall, bookshelves up the staircase, etc." 


8. Dancing also helps, apparently

Lady dancing with mop

"I always clean with the radio on... makes the time go quicker." 


9. Just don't get too into it


"Twice a year I take a week's holiday from work, just to do housework. I clear and clean EVERYWHERE." 

10. And finally, commit these foolproof cleaning tips to memory

Cleaning the sink

"To instantly make a bathroom look clean, shine your taps and other chrome with a damp cloth, then buff with a dry one."

"Baby wipes work really well on light switches/plug sockets."

"Wipe over with an E-cloth EVERY time you use a basin. Then it never needs cleaning." 

"Put a foil sheet on the bottom of the oven and you don't have to clean it ever again very often." 

"Sort post and junk quickly. Junk to go straight from doormat to recycling. Post dealt with asap so it doesn't pile up. Any newspapers get transferred to recycling every Saturday."

"To clean skirting boards, wipe them with a clean damp mop. It takes seconds, and mine now get done all the time instead of never."

"My only tip is wipes. Buy them all: toilet ones, floor wipes, kitchen wipes, polish wipes. For some reason it feels like a quicker job: grab wipes, wipe, bin, done. Like changing a nappy. Whereas cloths make it seem like a real job. Please can all environmentalists politely look away..." 

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