Quick fixes for cleaning terrible toilets

Cleaning a grimy toilet can be oddly rewarding. Mumsnetters share their top tips and products to make the job as quick and painless as possible

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1. Go green with non-toxic methods


"Pour in a whole two litre bottle and leave overnight."

"Trust me cola is the real deal for limescale. Limescale is an alkali and cola is an acid so it will literally strip it off. Just push out all the water in the u-bend then pour the cola in. Leave for an hour or so then flush. Rub with a washing up sponge if you need to."


"Scoop out the water and then pour in two pints of vinegar. Leave overnight or for as long as you can. Then scrub and the limescale will come away easily."

"Pour in a lots of vinegar, then pour in a kettle full of just-off boiling water. Give it a poke with something hard (I used a butter knife shaped scraper thing) and huge chunks of limescale fell off (I almost wish I had another one to do now - it was sooooo satisfying)."

Citric acid: 

"Push out the water (as much as you can). Chuck in a cup full of citric acid and a kettle full of boiling water. Leave it overnight/whilst you go out. Not only is it amazingly effective, it's also non-toxic." 

2. Stick with off-the-shelf products

Harpic Power Plus: 

"Those loo tablets in the black box are the only thing that works!" 

"I thought I needed a new loo, but no, turned out to be limescale!"

"These turned my mum's loo from black to white."

Caustic soda: 

"As a professional cleaner I can tell you the only thing that works, plus a small scrub, is caustic soda overnight - but it is VERY VERY dangerous if you don't follow instructions to the letter. Wear safety goggles if possible. But it works."

Spirits of Salt:

"It's amazing. But wear gloves and leave the bathroom for 15 minutes as it's doing its work. And flush a lot of times afterwards."

"My local independent DIY shop keeps the Spirits of Salt in a room behind the shop, not on the shelves. I think it is because it is such evil stuff and they don't sell it to just anyone."

3. Or alternatively... 

Denture pills:

"Use a whole tube of denture tablets (they're very cheap). Leave for as long as possible. Repeat if necessary." 

"Denture cleaning tablets - add in boiling water, leave overnight and your toilet will be sparkling. My husband's toilet was grim and the bowl was black but it came out sparkling after he did this."

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