How to get rid of mould and condensation - for good.

"Do you know what I love about winter? The mould!", said Nobody, Ever. Here are Mumsnetters' tips for dealing with mould and condensation

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Getting rid of mould

Spray cleaner

"You can wipe or spray it with dilute bleach to kill it, and once dead it will scrub off more easily."

"I use undiluted tea tree or clove oil."

"Toothbrush dipped in bleach - miracle stuff! It's cleared all the black patches in between my mosaic tiles with no scrubbing - just a spray and rinse."

"I swear by Dettol mould and mildew remover."


Minimising condensation

Washing on washing line

Windows: "Try to open your windows as much as you can to air the rooms out (best to do this when the humidity levels are lowish outside) - you can check humidity levels here."

Insulation: "Check the insulation in your loft, especially if you get those black bits of mould on your ceiling - we had black mould all along one wall and the ceiling and it turned out that the insulation had been moved by a plumber. Make sure you have good insulation as condensation forms when the air hits a cold surface - the more insulation you have, the warmer the surface is!"

When cooking: "Leave lids on your pans (food quicker, cheaper energy bill) - keep the steam in. Use extractor fans if you have them. Keep the kitchen door shut."

Washing: "Try not to hang up wet washing indoors. Aim to do your washing only on sunny days so that you can hang it outside (if possible). If you have to dry clothes inside, try to do this in a room where you can keep the window open and the door shut to stop moisture going round your home. If you have a tumble dryer - use it."

Products and gadgets

Window vacs:  "I bought a Karcher window vac when it was half price and it is brilliant. No more dealing with sopping wet squeedgies every morning."

Dehumidifer: "The amount of water it extracts is quite amazing. You need something decent to have enough power to properly do the job - ours was £200-ish, but it got top marks on a dehumidifier review website."

Moisture trap: "I bought a Dinky Moisture Trap last year and it was BRILLIANT. Left it on the bathroom windowsill and the condensation stopped. Same in my daughter's bedroom."

Glazing film: "My top tip is the instant glazing film which tapes over windows. We are in a rented cottage which is very damp and has lots of windows. The windows with film have zero condensation - it's all concentrated on the few that we left untaped so that we can open them up occasionally!" 

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