7 tips for looking after your washing machine

washing machine

When you've not seen the bottom of the washing basket for a while, there's nothing more likely to worsen your laundry woes than a washing machine on its way out. So to help your washing machine stay in tip top condition, Mumsnetters shared their tricks for keeping their trusty household companions as good as new, for as long as possible

1. Check for foreign objects

cat in washing machine

''I make sure to check the machine thoroughly before I put it on, as it’s one of my daughter’s favourite hiding places. Last week, I found a pillar candle and a handful of Shredded Wheat Bitesize in there.''

2. And don't put it under too much pressure

overloaded washing machine

''I take care never to overload the drum and make sure the machine is properly balanced.''

3. Give your washing machine room to breathe


‘’I leave the door open to let it dry and air.’’

4. And when it's had some space, give it a little TLC


''I give the dispenser drawer a good hand wash and scrub it with a brush every now and then.’’

‘’After every wash I remove the dispenser drawer and rest it upside down to dry.’’

5. A little bit of household magic can go a long way

fairy godmother

''Every three months or so, I add half a mug of white vinegar in the drum and a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda in the soap dispenser, and put it on a quick wash.’’

6. And so can keeping on top of the little things

rubber glove

''The inside of the door and the rubber seal gets a wipe daily to keep it dry.’’

7. Occasionally, ditch the clothes all together

throwing clothes

'’I do an empty hot wash now and again.’’