Long-lasting products you love

A great big thank you from Mumsnetters to the products that have lasted forever ... and ever. They don't make them like they used to, as your old gran would say

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In daily use for decades

"The small roasting tin that was my grandmother's - bought in the 1950s. Everything cooked in it just comes out better."

"My Le Creuset pan and casserole dish - the pan has done 24 years of service."

"My colander was one of my nan's wedding presents - she married in 1939."

"Two Portmeirion oblong dishes bought for us as a wedding present 36 years ago - used daily, and still look immaculate." 

Wash-day saviours

"The ceiling-mounted laundry airer in my mum and dad's house has been there for at least 47 years. The hardware shop down the road from me still sells them."

"My mother has a wooden clothes horse that's been on the go for 46 years - she uses it all the time."

Good old-fashioned baking kit

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"My granny's Be-Ro cookbook - gets used A LOT now that DD is beginning to enjoy baking."

"Two round tin trays that my mum bought me 27 years ago - I use them for breakfast every day, as well as for transporting and storing cakes."

"Oh Panasonic breadmaker - you are grubby, your bucket is chipped and your raisin tray doesn't stay up. Yet you carry on whenever I need you - 10 years and counting."

Appliances that soldier on

"My Miele hoover - bought in 1995 and can still suck up a brick."

"Our tumble drier lasted 10 years at my MIL's house - and 15 at ours. It was still going strong when we emigrated and had to get rid of it."

"My Sharp microwave with grill, bought 17 years ago."

"My Kenwood Chef - given to me in 1996, but dates back to the 1970s. I think it's probably as old as me, but it's still going strong (unlike me...)"

"My mum's Bernina sewing machine, bought with her first salary in the late 1950s."

Quilts that won't quit

"Two quilt sets bought from John Lewis 20-odd years ago. Plus a set of thick cotton sheets from the 1950s - they get softer and snugglier with each wash."

"A beautiful duvet set my aunt used as a child, passed on to me and then my DD. It's covered in very sweet Edwardian-style children - I love it."

"Our 26-year-old winter duvet - still snug and warm - and the Laura Ashley bedding bought at the same time."

Everlasting beauty aids

"My Revlon hairdryer has got to be 20. It had a diffuser for making my huge spiral perm impenetrable..."

"A St. Tropez blusher brush that I got at a training course in 2003."

"A make-up case that can be clearly seen in my mum's 'going away' photos at her wedding in 1954 - still holds all my make-up."

Steadfast apparel 

"Every Sunday my dad wears the jumper he got for his 18th birthday to do the gardening - he's in his 50s now!"

"The Buffalo cagoule I bought secondhand in 1989, for £3. Outdoorists will know the one I'm talking about!"

"A Levi's T-shirt that I bought in 1998 and still looks good."

"Brown leather cowboy boots bought in Schuh in 2002."

Electrics that haven't lost their spark

"My favourite CD player has been going since 1986. It's as sturdy as anything - has moved house with me eight times and still keeps going."

"My mobile phone is 13 years' old and still works. A few years ago people laughed at it, but now teenagers comment on how 'retro cool' it is!"

"My Nikon 35mm camera, circa 1980 - hard to find film for now, but produces great pictures."

Steadfast stationery equipment

"A hole punch that accidentally made its way home from work in 1996. It's built like a tank, completely unchanged and still works like a dream!"

"My A-level maths solar calculator - now doing sterling work for DD at secondary school."

"The Ballpoint Parker Pen I use daily is 32-years-old - I can only ever recall replacing the ink a few times."

Trusty tools

"An adjustable spanner which was my grandad's from about 1930, and still works a treat." 

"A set of mini screwdrivers I bought in Tandy about 30 years ago. Used more or less every week since then - not all that cheap but excellent quality."

Never to be chucked, no matter how battered...

"Mine is Cuddles the teddy bear - I've had him for about 30 years and he now sits on DS's bed."

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