Streamline your laundry routine

Nothing is certain but death and taxes… and laundry. Mumsnetters shared the hacks they use to simplify their laundry routines – here's our round-up of the best ideas

You can never have too many laundry baskets

“We have four laundry baskets. I normally split the washes into dark trousers and socks, dark tops and scants, brights, pastels, lights, whites, bedding, towels and woolies. I announce which wash is going on that day and everyone has to appear with their clothes in the appropriate category.”

Unless you opt for a one-for-all policy

“We have one basket for all in the utility room. Clothes either go straight into the washing machine or into that. Everything is washed together at 40 degrees, apart from nappies which I wash separately. We just avoid wearing whites or delicates wherever we can.”

Work your washes around your daily routine

Washing line

“I put on a load everyday before work and then hang it out to dry on my heated clothes airer when I get in. In the summer I change it around; I put on a load in the evening and hang it out on the line to dry before work.”

Carve out a dedicated laundry day

“My other half has enough socks and pants to last him at least three weeks between washes, so he lets it pile up until he has nothing left. He’ll then do about four loads over one weekend, meaning the machine and tumble dryer are out of action for me.”

Your washing machine never sleeps (even if you do)

“A load goes in every night after I've done the dishes. I put it on a timer so that it will be ready to hang to dry as I come downstairs in the morning.”

Accept the inevitable

Not fair

“My routine is quite simple: I shout for everyone to stop hoarding their washing and do a couple of loads to empty the basket. Then, I'll go back an hour later and find it full again.”

Make it a team effort

“We have three laundry baskets: lights, colours and darks, and everyone is responsible for putting their own laundry in to the right basket. To bulk out light washes, we only buy cream fitted sheets.”

But feel free to forget the ironing

“I don't iron except for weddings and job interviews. Instead, I fold everything the instant the dryer finishes, or I'll dry things flat.”

Above all else, always indulge the outsource fantasy

Dullest moment

“I fantasise about being rich enough that I'd never have to think about doing laundry again.”