The dream laundry room

Nobody enjoys doing laundry, but it cannot be avoided. From the practical to the luxurious, and even the left-field, we've rounded up Mumsnetters' best suggestions for a 'dream' laundry room, that might make this arduous task a little more bearable.

A room fit for purpose


“A laundry room that doesn't double up as a dog room-come-boot room. Muddy boots and muddy dogs would be banished. The room would be clean, decorated in cool neutral colours, and have a worktop long enough to sort and fold laundry. It would smell clean and fresh. And not of wet dog.”

Something sun-drenched, sans creepy crawlies

“The room would have lots of natural light from a window with a good view, a radio, and it would be utterly spider-proof.”

A room full of goodies


“Mine would have a cupboard full of washing add-ons: linen spray, tumble dryer sheets, glo-white sachets, colour catchers, stain removers, tasteful pegs in a proper little bag… I would be organized and ready for just about any washing scenario.”

And an organisational system fit for a queen

Laundry basket

“Definitely more counter space – room for a basket for everyone in the house. Then as I take clothes out of the dryer, they’d go straight into the relevant person's basket for them to put away. I know my teens would end up using the basket like a wardrobe, but it’s a nice idea in principle.”

Anything to avoid trudging up and down the stairs

Great idea

“I would have laundry chutes from upstairs straight into the laundry baskets. Three chutes into three baskets: lights, darks, colours.”

Perhaps something er… unique


“In my dream laundry room, I would have a life-sized oil painting of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in a silver frame, a basket of kittens, a really nice box of pencils.”

Or some good old-fashioned entertainment

“I would have a top of the range washer and separate dryer and some sort of integrated ironing board. I'd like a TV so I can watch something while I'm ironing, cupboard space for washing powders and a heated airer.”

Well, we did say dream room


“It would be empty, because it would have all been done.”