35 things you NEED to buy next time you go to Ikea

Ikea products

Leave your DC in the play area, lose DH near the kitchens, and let Mumsnetters guide you around the Ikea market hall.

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Ikea clips

1. Paper napkins - "they do some really pretty styles"

2. Apple slicer

3. Cheese grater with container

4. Packs of scissors

5. Tea infusers - "they hang over your cup!"

6. Garlic press

7. Drinking straws

8. Sealing clips [editor's note - PREACH]

9. Vegetable peelers

10. Cheap frying pans - "good for when you have teenagers burning the shite out of everything"

11. Cylindrical ice cube trays - "great for putting in water bottles"

12. Washing-up brushes which stick to the sink - "they're the best!"

13. Drinking glasses - "indestructable. I dropped one on the tiled kitchen floor the other day. It bounced; not a scratch on it!"

14. Cork heat mats

15. Battery-powered mini whisk

16. Plastic tongs


Living rooms/bedrooms

Ikea finger puppets 

17. Cheap fleece blankets - "ideal for snuggling under/at the park/bottom of DD's bed"

18. Soft toys for kids - "DD has the Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, which comes with a little Grandma you can put in his mouth and open his tummy and get her out"

19. Bright cushion covers - "the material is cheap, colourful and washes brilliantly"

20. Fake pot plants

21. Finger puppets

22. Photo frames

23. Solar lights - "the dome ones are brilliant as are the bird-shaped ones. We love them"

24. Fold-out cardboard dolls' house with mini Ikea furniture - "so cute and doesn't take up much space"

25. Orchids


Top tip - controversial, but one to avoid we agree:

"Step away from the tealights. You will get home to discover that you bought (and never used) 200 the time before, and the time before that and the time before that."



Ikea crocodile bath mat 

26. Crocodile bath mat

27. Towels - "I bought mine years ago and they still look the same as the day I bought them; I think they'll last a lifetime"

28. White bathroom step - "every house with a one- to six-year-old needs one of these"



Ikea packing bags 

29. Fold-away shopping bags

30. Waterproof ponchos - "great if you're carrying a baby in a sling"

31. Travel packing bags


And a little Scandi something for after...


32. Swedish meatballs [frozen or from cafe, if you want to really enjoy yourself] - "always improve the quality of my life (fleetingly)"

33. Apple cake

34. Reindeer [really!]

35. Daim! Daim cake! Daim everything!



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