The rules of laundry

We get it – you're busy, which means when it comes to housework some things can fall by the wayside. We asked Mumsnetters to share the laundry rules they absolutely always obey, and the ones that can be sacrificed now and again. Because who really wants to spend hours and hours slaving away with the iron?

Rules that are made to be broken

Give yourself a day off

“I always say to myself I will follow the rule to iron as I go, but I just hate ironing. Instead, I will continue to have my weekly tantrum that I have allowed it to pile back up. Again.”

Chuck it all in and hope for the best

“Colours and darks all get thrown in together. Nothing bad has happened (yet).”

Honey, I shrunk the kids' (clothes)

“I tumble dry clothes on a high heat even when it states low heat only. I'm not even sorry.”

Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made

“I put everything in together on a 40 degree cotton wash. If it doesn't survive, it's not worth it.”

Rules that should always be obeyed

Be strict when keeping whites bright

“I'm fairly militant about my white washes. Only true whites are included – no beiges, whites with a pink trim, pale lemons etc.”

Remember that your delicates are just that

“Bras and tights always go in separate lingerie bags.”

Don't gamble on those special items

“Handwash only means handwash only. I know from previous experience with my favourite cashmere jumper just how big a mistake ignoring that rule can be…”

Always keep this tip in mind

“I never wash clothes alongside towels as it makes them bobbly.”