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Laundry tips for colours, mixed loads and delicates

If your weekly whites load is more like 50 shades of grey take inspiration from other Mumsnetters. They shared the laundry rules you really ought to follow

Don’t be afraid to cool things off

“Washing at a lower temperature definitely helps – I find colours rarely run at 30 degrees, especially if they’ve already had a few washes.”

Take a little extra care and reap the rewards

“If I buy something new, I’ll usually hand wash it the first time just to be sure that the colour won't run. After that, I never seem to have any problems.”

Stay one step ahead

“My top tip is to avoid buying anything white in the first place. Problem solved.”

Add to your repertoire of tools

“Invest in some little wash bags to keep delicate clothing, such as beaded or lacy items, protected when in the washing machine.”

Always look on the bright side

“Most of my clothes are so old and have been washed so many times that the colours aren't at risk of running anywhere anymore! So that's a bonus I suppose…”

Explore your machine's hidden potential

“I absolutely love my washing machine’s hand wash function. It’s great for washing wool jumpers on a cool wash; they come out looking and smelling fab.”

You'll never regret that final inspection

“Check and double check the washing machine drum before you put in a new load. I have been caught out several times by a colourful sock lurking in the shadows and merrily going around with white work shirts.”

If in doubt… get somebody else to do it

“I once shrank my husband’s jumper, which swiftly prompted him to take responsibility for doing all of the washing.”