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Eight easy ways to make your laundry smell amazing

The smell of freshly laundered clothes is one of life's little luxuries, but how do you keep clothes smelling amazing – especially if you have messy toddlers or teenagers that leave P.E. kit in bags for weeks at a time? Mumsnetters share their tips and tricks

You can't fault the tried and tested methods

Clothes on washing line

“Nothing beats line drying, but if you haven’t got outdoor space, putting the airer beside an open window on a breezy day makes the world of difference. If I’m drying clothes indoors, I’ll give clothes an extra spin before hanging so they dry quickly and don't end up smelling stale or absorbing household odours like cooking smells.”

An old wives' tale might just be the solution

“My Nana always taught me to keep a bar of nice smelling soap wrapped in old tights in my drawers… I've kept the family tradition going and I'm sure she would be proud that my undergarments smell divine.”

If in doubt, air it out

“I periodically empty my wardrobe to give my clothes a good airing, especially ones I don't wear often. I also try not to cram clothes into drawers and cupboards in the first place and instead, fold neatly and hang with plenty of space around them. They stay much fresher.”

Timing is everything

“Never leave washing in the machine overnight. If your washing machine has a timer, stick a load on overnight so it's finishing just as you come down for breakfast – then get it straight out on the line.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures

“For cleaning the really smelly loads like pet beds – and my teen son’s PE kit – adding soda crystals to the machine works brilliantly. I’ll also add a drop or two of essential oils such as lavender oil to the fabric conditioner drawer.”

Save yourself some money with this DIY dryer sheet

“I tumble dry everything with homemade dryer sheets. Soak a dish cloth in fabric conditioner and leave to dry, then bung it in the dryer with every wash load. It releases conditioner and the clothes are lovely and soft and smell lovely.”

An artist is only as good as her tools

“Make sure the washing machine and tumble drier are regularly emptied, cleaned and serviced: they’re doing all the hard work so they need to be properly taken care of.”