10 times that kids utterly destroyed houses

Destroyed, we tell you. Here's what Mumsnetters told Valspar about times their children caused chaos

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1. The time they found the sticky stuff

"Nutella - it was horrendous to clean up! To make it worse, they don't even like it."

"Watch out for the deadly Sudocrem. Yep: all over him, the walls, furniture... It lives on a high shelf now."

2. The time they did floor work

"My son (about two at the time) managed to empty a whole bottle of baby oil over himself and the hallway carpet. He was super soft for weeks, but the carpet didn't recover well."

"You know that slime stuff kids like - the bright green goo? It doesn't come out of cream carpets. Ever."

3. The time they found their creative spirit

"The wall behind our sofa was turned into a toddler art gallery for several weeks before we noticed."

"My daughter has never been a scribbler - so why, when she was five, did she write (very neatly) POO right in the middle of my newly painted lounge wall?"

"My daughter used permanent marker to draw smiley faces on every door in the house."

4. ...and couldn't bear to go uncredited 

"My daughter drew all over our cream (thankfully washable) sofa covers. She denied completely that it was her, until I pointed out that she had signed all her drawings."

"My friend's kids drew on the wall and all blamed each other; she couldn't get the truth out of them. I came in and loudly admired the masterpiece and the guilty party immediately took credit. Busted."

5. The time they collaborated (momentarily)

Me: "What are you two doing?"
Eldest son: "We're in the kitchen."
Me: "Yeah, I asked what you were doing?"
Eldest son: "Well I'm not drawing on your walls!"

6. The time they did DIY

"My three-year-old son had a toy hammer that he loved to use for pretend DIY. But when we were busy in the kitchen one day he used it destroy quite a sizeable section of plastered wall." 

"My cousin's son was in the study playing computer games - or so we thought. When we went to check up on him we found that he had been trying to figure out how the window worked, and had managed to take out the whole window unit."

7. The time they tested scientific principles

"My son watered our TV 'to make it bigger'."

8. The time they worked with texture

"Just after I'd painted all the woodwork in the lounge with gloss, my son wandered in and tripped - carrying a full bowl of Coco Pops. It took hours to remedy."

9. The time they invented glue

"My two-year-old daughter decided to get up early and spread flour all over my kitchen. Then, to add insult to injury, she got a colander and decided to throw litre upon litre of water from a running tap. Our carpets had to be taken up and replaced as the whole thing set like glue."

10. The time you had no words

"My two kids thought it would be funny to take the cake batter I had made and throw it onto our newly-painted white walls so that it would look like someone had 'pooed' on them."    

"Our daughter once painted the inside of her ears blue when she had finished her picture. Why? Just why?"


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