How to make your child's bedroom magical

From fairy doors to secret dens to star-spangled ceilings, Mumsnetters share their tips for turning your child's bedroom into an enchanted space

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An accent wall can have a big impact 

chalkboard wall

"A chimney breast or part of a normal wall can be frog-taped off and painted with chalkboard paint, to transform it into a canvas for children to create their own art." 

"We've painted one wall dark blue and added gold stick on stars, with a yellow/gold wall adjacent. It's ideal for relaxing our kids and encouraging sleep."


"We did our son's room with Valspar as we could match the colour exactly. He's got a world atlas map on the sloping wall above his bed, with matching blue walls. Also a contrast wall in dark blue around the window - all his choice, and not bad (we think!) for a seven-year-old. We love it too!"

A blank canvas can give you more creative freedom

wall stickers
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"Just paint the room and  use wall stickers to personalise it. It creates a cool bedroom but it's easy (and a lot cheaper) to change as they get older and tastes change."

"Paint neutral walls and then accessorise. For my daughter's pirate-theme bedroom we have found battery-operated oil  lanterns, pirate flags for curtains and various small accessories (still looking for an economical small whisky barrel for a bedside table). This should mean when pirates fall out of favour next year it will be easier to change to the next in thing." 

If you can't redecorate the whole room, little touches go a long way 

fairy door

"You can buy fab little 'fairy doors' that you can stick on your skirting board. They look so sweet, and really fuel my daughter's imagination!"

Source: Pinterest

"I would love to create a 'secret' mural by using glow-in-the-dark paints, so that you wouldn't see the picture properly until the lights had been turned off! That will be my next project." 

Create a cosy den for instant enchantment 

Source: Buzzfeed

"My son wanted a sport-themed room with a nod to Star Wars, and a Peter Pan-inspired reading nook. We've separated the reading nook by hanging a tent from his bookshelves, and found some lantern-shaped fairy lights to hang up in there."


"We hung curtains across corners of the children's bedrooms to make tents, and put cushions in for ready-made dens."

And if you've completely exhausted your creativity...

fairy lights 

"Fairy lights, fairy lights, fairy lights!"

More top tips from Valspar

  • Use Valspar’s chalkboard paint (in 16 different colours) to create a feature wall in your playroom or kid's bedroom which can be transformed into a life-size drawing board at any point.   
  • Who says trim has to be white and glossy? Add an accent colour to your skirting boards, windows or doors (with 2.2 million colours to choose from).
  • Add Valspar silver or gold glitter into your paint to make your walls sparkle and rooms even more enchanted and magical.

Valspar’s unique colour matching technology can replicate any colour the eye can see to create your perfect paint; simply take a colour sample to your local B&Q and they will create the paint. Valspar paint also contains a super scrub formula which allows walls to be wiped down and scrubbed clean without chipping or compromising the colour - ideal for children's rooms, no matter how messy. 


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