Five bed linens that will change your life

Want to feel as if your bed's been transported from a five-star hotel room? These bed linens are sure to make your next sleep a little more luxurious 

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Soak&Sleep linen sheets, from £15.60

Soak&Sleep are the best-kept secret in luxury bed linen. The holy grail of bedsheets: high thread count and low cost. Mumsnetters love their linen sheets, which always look artfully crumpled (and never need ironing!). 

soak and sleep bedlinen

"I am in love with Soak&Sleep French linen: very heavy, crisp yet soft, warm yet cool. Best ever. Even my husband noticed the quality."

"I splashed out on their French linen sheets recently and they're lush - makes me actually want to change the bed, which I never do normally!"

Dunelm Mill Hotel range, from £6.99

Dunelm Mill are making a name for themselves as the go-to place for reasonably-priced homeware that really delivers. Their Hotel bed linen range can be counted on to make your bed feel just like - well, like a hotel bed. Alas, room service is not included...

dunelm mill hotel range review

"I have some lovely stuff from the Dunelm Hotel range: 300 thread-count Egyptian cotton. Really lovely and just like what's on nice hotel beds."

"I second the hotel range at Dunelm; they do up to 400 thread-count."

The White Company bed linen, from £4.80

The White Company are high on everyone's lust list for their crisp, white sheets and huge, fluffy bed cushions. Although the prices themselves might cause you to need a lie down, the quality of the sheets - and your sleep - could well be worth the investment.

white company bedding review

"White Company for me! Excellent quality; worth every penny. They often have very good sales and discount vouchers online if you sign up for their email alerts."

"You're talking about a high-end product: pay for it; enjoy it for years and years."

TK Maxx - assorted stock, from £4.99

If you've an eye for a bargain, you can't go wrong at TK Maxx. They sell high thread counts for low prices, and rumour has it you can even find Designer's Guild sheets tucked away on their shelves. 


"A colleague told me to check out TK Maxx. It's hit and miss with stock but I struck it lucky and got some great quality bedding: one fitted sheet, two duvet sets with pillow cases and two more pillow cases for £70."

"Good cotton count and washes like a dream. So worth a look, especially for spare pillow cases and sheets."

H&M Home linen sheets, from £6.99

H&M was always known for reasonably-priced basics, but its Home range has put it on the map as a place to go for great style. The bedsheets are particularly popular, especially the French-style linen range.

hm bedding

"I love them. They're always the right temperature, no matter the season. They look great freshly washed, but I also love how they look when they've been slept in a bit: cosy and rumpled but without looking grubby or in need of a change."

"I've got the H&M set too; they're really, really lovely. I do wish I had some linen sheets to go under too. Mine are dark grey and look artfully messy. A bit like me!"

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