42 cheap buys that have improved your lives

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Bon appétit


1. Egg poaching bags - "perfect poached eggs with no faff, makes my breakfast much happier!"

2. Reusable ice cubes - "no more warm or watery drinks and I don't have to use a sledgehammer every time I want a cold beverage can also put them in beer"

3. Scrudle - "gets leftovers out of my big slow cooker much quicker and more effectively than a ladle"

4. Ice cream scoop - "no more bent spoons"

5. Slow cooker - "healthier, tastier, and cheaper"

6. Kitchen tongs - "I used to fumble around with two forks"  

7. Disposable trays - "I batch cook and dump the tray, so some evenings I am cooking and washing up free"

8. Café type sugar dispenser - "no more messy sugar bowls"

9. Jumbo sized bottle of Fairy liquid - "I'm pathetically impressed by its longevity!"

10. Microfibre cloths - "so much a part of my life!"


Beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg


11. Shampoo bars from Lush - "I was getting through a small fortune in Aussie products but this little £5 bar that I had no faith in at all has been going for a month now and looks barely touched"

12. Episticks

13. Tan wipes - "saves time on bronzer in the morning"

14. Toothpaste tube holders

15. Eye mask - "I am no longer disturbed by various lights going on"

16. Towel turban


Fashion fixes faster than you can say Gok Wan


17. Memory foam insoles - "they have made my cheap wellies a billion times more wearable"

18. Micro Stitch - "holds camisoles in place if you attach it to your bra straps"

19. Thinsulate beanie - "goes under my bike helmet, keeps me warm all winter"

20. Fleece lined tights - "have made winters bearable, even in the very north of Scotland" 

21. Shoe horn - "I no longer have to listen to DH swearing to himself as he puts his work shoes on, I think it's improved his life a bit as well"


Happily make your bed and lie in it


22. Sheet grippers - "no more waking up in the night tangled in the sheet"

23. Foldable laundry crate 

24. Pant/sock hanger 

25. Colour catcher washing net - "before, every time we did a wash the washing machine would beep and stop"


Going somewhere? 

Waynes World

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26. Audiobooks - "revolutionises long journeys with small children"

27. A parking ticket holder 

28. Kindle - "not super-cheap but has made my journey to work and back a zillion times more bearable"

29. Travel mug - "saves me more than it cost"


Improving life since 1969

The IT Crowd

30. Now TV and Netflix - "we don't get to go out much in the evenings so we get a lot of use for the money"

31. Amazon Prime - "saves me a fortune on deliveries and means I can get things fast"

32. WhatsApp - "for keeping in touch with family, now I live miles away" 


All the bits that didn't really fit anywhere else but still essential

Ikea, duh

33. IKEA bags - "make splendid trolley liners, then straight into the car boot"

34. Trolley coin on a keyring

35. 12 ballpoint pens from the pound shop - "no scrabbling about trying to find a writing implement (and not having to resort to a stubby pencil or purple crayon)"

36. Ear plugs 

37. Kindle beanbag - "makes reading no hands in bed so much easier"

38. Halogen heater - "I put it on in the morning to warm up our freezing cold bathroom. It makes it lovely and toasty in 10 mins"

39. Hot water bottle - "has improved my life happiness by about five percentage points"

Ahh, the best things in life are not things

Penny heart

40. Café grub - "£5 or so in the café every couple of weeks. It's one of the few things that teen DD2 consents to do with DP and I, and it means we actually get a little chat with her!"

41. A pint - "over 20 years ago I got chatting to a very nice man in a pub and bought him a pint, to keep him talking. He has just brought me a cup of tea in bed, as he does every morning he isn't working. That pint was probably the best cheap purchase ever"

42. A cat - "£20 from a rescue centre a decade ago and she's loved me ferociously everyday since. Seriously the best £20 ever spent"


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