Storage solutions for children's toys and books

Fact: kids accumulate A LOT of clobber. Mumsnetters reveal their best buys for keeping toys and other related gubbins neatly tucked away

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Cupboard and cube storage systems

You don't want this kind of furniture to be too tall. It's far easier - especially as your children get bigger - if they can access all toys themselves and <hopeful> eventually put toys away themselves.

IKEA Kallax

IKEA Kallax, from £20


GLTC Northcote, from £95

IKEA Trofost

IKEA Trofast, from £20

  • "I think the IKEA Kallax is worth it. It holds an awful lot of stuff and only takes up as much room as one trunk/toy box would. It's solid, looks nice and isn't obviously children's furniture so won't be grown out of."
  • "Great Little Trading Company's Northcote storage changed my life in storage terms for my playroom.What I like is that the stacking parts can be broken down and used as shelves around the house when you don't need a massive storage unit any more."
  • "There is a reason that IKEA's Trofast is so popular. It does the job well, it's robust and it's not expensive."

Bits and bobs storage

There is a special level of pain associated with standing barefoot on a piece of left out Lego. Protect yourselves...

Sandwich bags for jigsaws, £1.35

Black & Decker toolbox, £10

GLTC Storage basket, £22

  • "For storing jigsaws, I use clear sandwich bags - the type with the press together top edge. Just cut the picture out and stick it to the inside of the bag and put the pieces in. Then store all the bags in a basket - I have lots of wicker baskets that sit on book shelves."
  • "We use a toolbox for organising Lego, with small item storage in the top;an inner, lift-out tray for current projects, Minifigures and those all-important wheels; and then a big space at the bottom for everything else."
  • "You need open topped boxes that the children can use themselves."

Book storage

Think about having books on display rather than chucked in a cupboard, making it easy to pick up and read. 

GLTC Star book ledge, £23


IKEA Billy bookcase, from £25

Spice rack hack

IKEA Bekväm spice racks, £3

  • "GLTC has nice stuff. I just bought some bookshelves that screw to the wall that display the books facing outwards. They've got little star cut outs. I'm really pleased with them."
  • "Use a cheap bookcase with moveable shelves like the IKEA Billy bookcase, either with doors or baskets from your current system."
  • "IKEA spice racks painted and hung can work very well too."

Ottoman and bench storage

Need to keep the toys in plain sight, but want to keep the place looking smart for when visitors turn up? An ottoman or bench might be your answer. 

GLTC Stone Abbeville storage bench, £261

Darlings of Chelsea ottoman, £554.07

Argos large leather effect ottoman, £19.99 

  • "I have hall storage from GLTC. It's really nice and made me really reduce what we keep in the hallway. It's made me feel so much better to remove all the crap. It used to really get me down to see it all every time I walked through the front door."
  • "We replaced our coffee table with one of those footstool things with storage underneath. We got ours at Darlings of Chelsea. We are able to fit all of or son's toys in it, so in the evenings we dump all of the various toy boxes and bins in the ottoman and close the lid." 
  • "I'd recommend the Argos large cream ottoman. It's very big and easy to clean, lasts years, and works as a seat too." 

Bathroom storage

How do you store bathroom toys without creating a wet, soggy mess? Turns out necessity is the mother of invention. 

Laundry net

Netted laundry bag, £3.49

Bath stool

IKEA Bolmen stool, £4.50

Bath scope

Munchkin bath toy scoop, £8.95

  • "We use a netted laundry bag from Amazon and hang it from the shower. The string is quite long but you can easily tie a knot in it so it doesn't sit on the floor of the bath. It holds heaps!"
  • "I used to keep one of those little plastic steps in the bath. It was stored upside down with all the toys in it. When it was bath time, I'd take the step out and use it to sit on next to the bath."
  • "Munchkin do a bath scoop which also stores toys. There's a hook that you adhere to the tiles above the bath, and it scoops them up then hooks on to store. It's pretty tidy and so far the hook thing works well."

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