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home and gardenDo you need to know how to remove a fiendish unidentifiable stain? Or are you after decor inspiration?

We have plenty of tips and advice from the most well-organised of Mumsnetters on everything from decluttering your home and finding eco-friendly products, to designing the perfect kitchen. 


Five bed linens that will change your life forever

Vacuum cleaner

MNers name their best (and most bargainous) bed linens. Because why shouldn't every night feel like you're sleeping in a luxurious five-star hotel?

Top 10 garden toys

Children playing in garden

Lucky enough to have a garden? Mumsnetters pick their children's favourite outdoor pursuits.

10 life-changing domestic products


When one Mumsnetter asked her fellow users which household items brought them joy, they didn't hold back. Wallets at the ready…

Long-lasting products you love


A great big thank you from Mumsnetters to the products that have lasted forever … and ever. They don't make them like they used to, as your old gran would say.

Design tips for your dream kitchen

dream kitchen

One thing Mumsnetters know when they see it is a good kitchen. Follow these tips to turn your culinary dreams into reality. 

Stains and smells

wine stain

Vomit? Wine? Stinky trainers? Whether you're coping with the fallout from a sickly child or simply living in the same house as a teenager this list of tried-and-tested household advice from MNers will see you right.

Quick fixes for terrible toilets

cleaning products

Cleaning a grimy toilet can be oddly rewarding. Mumsnetters share their top tips and products to make the job as quick and painless as possible.

Decluttering your home


From the many minimalism conversations in Talk, we've distilled some key tips and tactics on how to declutter your home and keep the junk away for good.

Appliance reviews

purple iron

In the market for a new washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or other useful household item? Make sure you buy the right appliance for you by checking out Mumsnet reviews first.