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7 ways to get your kids to look after their glasses

Four months in and two pairs of glasses down, one Mumsnetter took to the boards to ask how on earth one gets a small child to look after their specs.  If you'd rather not have your optician on speed dial, read on... 


 1. String is your friend

The Breakfast Club

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"Get him a string that attaches to the glasses, and goes round his neck. My son was always fiddling with his glasses when he was younger, and at least having the string meant that they didn't go far if he lost hold of them."


2. Patience is a virtue (and worth employing in this instance)

2ewyCh on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

 Image credit: Peppa Pig, MakeaGIF.com

"My son got his first glasses at 4. We were at the opticians for repairs at least once a week for a while, and he has completely broken several pairs - but now, at 8, it seems to have settled down. Our optician was wonderful: very kind and patient."


3.  Get the optician on side

throwing money

Image credit: The Fox Problem, Tumblr

"Personally, I'd probably be cruel enough to ask the optician to tell him that if he breaks them again in anything other than an actual accident -  falling over, or having them knocked off his head, say - then he has to pay something towards them from his pocket money."


4. Spell it out


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"At seven he is more than old enough to be told in no uncertain terms not to chew or twiddle the specs - but losing them and other breakages are par for the course."


5. With clarity comes carefulness 

glasses park

Image credit: viralnova

"If they don't make much difference to anything except reading, you are going to have an uphill struggle getting him to keep them on. My daughter was forever losing her second pair, which I suspect weren't strong enough. She hasn't lost either of the last two pairs - because they clearly make the world sharper."


6. It helps if the frame is pretty robust

child glasses

"You can get bendy frames which can pretty much be fiddled with, sat on, or dropped, without breaking as easily."


7. Be lucky 

good luck

Image credit: s3.amazonaws.com

"Some children are more careful and less active: my younger daughter actually OUTGREW several pairs without having trashed or lost them, and rarely took them off." 




Last updated: over 1 year ago