Family eyecare

girl wearing glasses

You wouldn't leave it till the age of 11 to book your children's first dental visit, but a recent survey suggested a quarter of parents had never taken their children for an eye test.

If you're nervous about what it might involve, or are holding this page at arm's length yourself, maybe it's time you booked an appointment. Here we've gathered expert advice and Mumsnetters' tips on everything from getting kids to look after their specs to working out whether you might need glasses yourself.

"Your child needs glasses"

toddler eye test

Hearing for the first time that your child needs glasses can be emotionally challenging. Mumsnetters explain why rather than being the end of the world it's the beginning of a bright/clear new one.

Eye tests - when, how often and what happens?

girl having eye test

From when to have your children's eyes tested to what happens during the test and whether it costs – our roundup of the things you need to know about eye tests.

Children + glasses = mishaps

boy wearing glasses

It can be impossible hard persuading a young child to take care of their new glasses, but Mumsnetters have some cunning tips to help you get there in the end.

Think you might need glasses for the first time?

woman with long sight

Presbyopia (age-related long sight) affects everyone at some point and for women it can hit any time after 40. Here's how to spot the signs and what to do about it.