Video workouts: At-home exercise

The temptation to embark on a dramatic body overhaul is massive at this time of year. But for results that last, you need to build a routine that you enjoy, and one that can be squeezed into the busiest of schedules.

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So, we've enlisted personal trainer Nick Finney to create a four-part programme which is exactly that – moves you can do at home, whenever there's five minutes spare, which will help shape up and strengthen the entire body.

How it works

We've broken down the routine into four parts: Lower-body, upper-body, mid-section and a special bingo wing blast!

When you've completed each set of moves (aim for 10-15 reps of e, you'll have the option to click back and repeat the routine or – if your muscles are quibbling! – move on to the next.

Nick recommends building up to repeating each sequence (for lower-body, upper-body and bingo wings) three times before moving on, and for the mid-section, steadily increasing the time you spend in plank position.

The science-y bit: A weight-bearing or weight-resistance programme like this one is not just about losing or maintaining a healthy weight – it's going to perk up your posture and help strengthen your joints, which can become particularly lax during pregnancy and childbirth.

The serious bit: New mums should always be cleared by their doctor before taking up an exercise routine, with extra care taken on moves that work the stomach particularly hard. In this programme, you can ease the pressure by coming on to your knees, instead of your toes, in the plank and press up positions.


Part one: Lower-body


Nick and Sandy run through squats, lunges and a deadlift to target the inner and outer thighs whilst strengthening the knees.


Part two: Upper-body


Moving on to upper-body, Nick and Sandy target the arms and shoulders with a lateral raise, shoulder press, row and bicep curl. Don't have dumbbells? Use anything heavy and holdable. A bottle of water can substitute for heavier weights while you build up your strength.


Part three: Bingo wing blast!


Ah, bingo wings, the old nemesis. Tone 'em up in no time with Nick's three top moves: the tricep dip, press up and tricep extension.


Part four: Mid-section (and how to plank safely)


There's no end to controversy over stomach crunches and sit ups and whether they're great for toning or bad news for your back. Skip all of that with Nick's number one move for targeting the stomach and core: the plank. Getting your technique right helps to tone whilst also strengthening your back.

Get more fitness tips from Nick over on his website – or follow him on Twitter.


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