6 best Jillian Michaels DVDs

Mumsnetters share their favourite workouts from fitness guru Jillian Michaels

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30 Day Shred

Killer Buns and Thighs

What Mumsnetters say: "I feel like I'm having a real work out at home." What Mumsnetters say: "I can see a difference in my legs and bum, really happy."

Ripped in 30

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

What Mumsnetters say: "It is fab and I have ab dents now."

What Mumsnetters say: "Although it's cardio it also has that great abs/core circuit in the middle."

6 Week Six-Pack

Hot Body Healthy Mommy

What Mumsnetters say: "Enjoying it: no exercises I hate and hooray - no burpees with jumps!" This is Jillian's brand new DVD - designed to help mums get back in shape after giving birth.

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