Diet and fitness

We're all for cultivating self-acceptance, but who doesn't feel their best when jeans are fastened up with ease? Or when running for the bus doesn't require Herculean effort?

Don't waste your time on headline-grabbing fads. We've got all the expert insight and Mumsnetter-approved tips you need to eat a bit more healthily, move a bit more – and feel your absolute best in 2019


Revamp your workout wardrobe

Whether a new year's resolution has inspired you to try something new, or you're in dire need of a brand new kit – here are Mumsnetters' recommendations for the best activewear to suit a range of different exercises.

Fitness motivation that works


Images of shiny abs and perky bottoms aren't going to get us fit in 2016. But real-life inspiration and smart strategies from newly-fit Mumsnetters could be just the kick in the rear you need.

9 lessons we learned from Jillian Michaels

jillian michaels

If anyone can motivate you to make good on those good intentions, it's this woman. Get inspired with healthy highlights from our webchat with mum and creator of the infamous 30 Day Shred program.

Fitness videos to do at home

At home exercise

Slim, tone and tighten from the comfort of your living room with our brilliant four-part plan. We've made it super-flexible so you can squeeze fitness into any spare five minutes you may have.

Yes, you can become a runner

Couch to 5K

Getting your jog on costs nothing, amps up your fitness and is a winner for weight loss. It's not an elite club for people in neon lycra gear either. Here's how to get involved.

How to cut down on carbs

While eliminating whole food groups is never a good idea, eating less starch can be an effective strategy for weight loss. With our tips, it's far easier than you might think.

Would you do the 5:2?

 5:2 diet

Intermittent fasting – aka the 5:2 diet – works. Get clued up on the science behind it – and be inspired by low-calorie recipes to brighten your fast days.

10 ways to eat less sugar

Jamie Oliver's number one nemesis is blamed for worsening everything from stubborn belly fat to type two diabetes. It's lurking more places than you think, too. Here's how to cut down. 

The Mumsnet guide to yoga

You're sold on the body-bending, mind-soothing benefits of the practice, but now what? We've got all the tips you need to tell your Hatha from your Iyengar, and pick the perfect class. 

Try HIIT and get fitter, faster

With high intensity interval training (HIIT), you can do a whole week's worth of exercise in an hour. Yes, you'll be sweaty, but it's the most efficient way to build strength, stamina – and boost your metabolism.

Got a fitness tip that we need to know about?

Mug with heart tea bag

If you've got a no-fail method for bolstering flagging resolve, do share.