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How to treat a baby suffering from a febrile seizure

When a baby or child is having a seizure they may twitch, arch their back, stiffen their body and have clenched fists. They look red-faced, are hot to touch and sweating. The instructions below will guide you through what to do in this situation.

Febrile seizure

1. Protect the baby or child from injury. Do not restrain them.

2. Remove outer clothing to help cool them.

3. When the seizure is over, help the baby or child to rest on their side with their head tilted back. If the symptoms continue or it is their first seizure, seek medical advice. 

Watch the video:

 Click here for more info from the Red Cross.

You can learn further first aid tips for croup, broken bones, head injury, meningitis and more by visiting the Red Cross website.

Last updated: over 3 years ago