Your child's health

child sleepingHaving a happy and healthy child is of paramount importance to any parent but, inevitably, they sometimes get sick.

Our advice on treating a range of complaints from head lice to asthma comes from medical professionals, and is provided to help you identify your child's condition and seek support. If you're unsure or worried about anything related to your child's health, it's always best to consult your doctor.


Baby vaccinations

It's important to keep your baby protected from illness. Find out what early vaccinations entail, and try not to dread it too much. 

First aid: what you need to know

Sudden illnesses, reactions or injuries can be frightening for any parent, but by learning the basics of first aid, you'll be better prepared to deal with the situation.

Coping with colic

crying colic

Non-stop screaming is a new parent's nightmare, but colic is annoyingly common. Here's how to cope (and not tear your hair out)

Getting your baby to sleep

Lulling babies to sleep can feel like an uphill struggle – in fact, climbing a mountain might feel like less of a challenge! Get coping strategies and advice if you're struggling with a little night owl.

Treating threadworms

Yep, they're gross, but these nasty bum-dwellers are also very common. Don't despair, as they're easy to eliminate with good hygiene and medication.

Treating head lice

Another beast that may make itself known during your DC's early years is the head louse. If you've found unwelcome visitors, you might need our tips and advice on banishing them

Expert advice

baby teddy doctor

As well as sharing Mumsnetters' tips and advice, we sometimes call on medical experts for your more specific health questions. Read some of our webchats below