First aid for babies and children - techniques every parent should know

We'd all like to wrap our children up in cotton wool but unfortunately that's just not possible. The odd bump and scrape is inevitable and, while the majority of these can be fixed with a good old dose of hugs, some of the more serious incidents need more specific treatment.

It's all too easy to bury our heads in the sand and cross our fingers it will never happen to us, but you'll be reassured to know that just a little first aid knowhow goes a long way to remedy a host of childhood emergencies. There's no need to shy away from the subject as learning just a few skills can instil confidence and give you the knowledge to be able to act in an emergency.

See step-by-step instructions and videos for how to act if a baby or child is in one of these emergency situations:

All the information in these articles, the instructions and videos are provided by the British Red Cross and have been checked for accuracy in April 2014.

You can learn further first aid tips for croup, broken bones, head injury, meningitis and many more on the Red Cross website. Plus, find out more about their First Aid for Baby and Child courses, or download the free Baby and Child First Aid app to have videos, tips and guidance at your fingertips. 


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