Join us for a Google Hangout with Caitlin Moran

Mumsnet BlogFest is taking place this Saturday 10 November, and is completey sold out.

Caitlin Moran was due to join us for a Google Hangout, unfortunately, due to time constraints we've had to postpone this until later in the week. Stay tuned for further details...




Caitlin Moran - 5.30pm

Caitlin Moran's 2010 manifesto, How to be a Woman, was a sweary, ranty and above all hysterically funny tour de force. It reclaimed the word 'feminism' and thrust it thrillingly back into the centre of women's lives. "Do you have a vagina?" she wrote. "Do you want to be in charge of it? Congratulations! You're a feminist."

She has approximately 1 billion followers on Twitter, where everyone wants her as their best friend; and her excellent new book Moranthology is out now. 


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