Deliciously spooky recipes to try this Halloween

Looking to get into the spirit of things this Halloween with your family? Mumsnetters have some fiendish homemade delights that won't bust your budget

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1. Try a twist on a party staple


"I made a red jelly last year with sweets for eyes and jelly worms in it. It was a hit."

2. Incorporate your Jack-O-Lantern into the spread


"We make pumpkin vomit dip! It's just store bought dip and vegetable fingers."

3. Remember that hot dogs are surprisingly versatile


"My most effective tip is to cut hot dog sausages to look like fingers, served with blood (ketchup)."

4. No, really...

"We've done Hot Dog Spiders before - you cut a hot dog in half and feed through four pieces of uncooked spaghetti so that they are the same length on both sides. You then boil them until the spaghetti is cooked and serve with ketchup to dip."

5. Get more out of your pumpkin

"I get a couple of things out of the pumpkins that we carve - pumpkin pie or soup with the insides, then the stringy bits/seeds are put in bowls and dyed with red or green food dye to be bowls of brains. I chuck in plastic or bagged treats and the brave trick or treaters get to dig through brains for their treats!"

6. If you've got a sweet tooth, try an American staple 


"Halloween is a great time to make S'mores - toasted marshmallows with chocolate biscuits - if you want to make them Halloween-themed add strawberry sauce as blood."

7. Get creative with chocolate


"Last year I melted lots of chocolate and poured it into a clean latex glove. When it set, I had a spooky hand of chocolate for my buffet table centrepiece."

8. Make raw veg WAY more appealing


"We made this last year - the skeleton has a tub of hummus for its face."

9. ... a job which is even easier if your creations are this cute


"For my son's first Halloween we made peppers cut to look like pumpkins, stuffed with spaghetti."

10. And, whatever you do, don't forget the parents

"The biggest request on Halloween is always my slow cooked mulled wine, which I offer to the parents of trick or treaters."

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Last updated: 11 months ago