Halloween face painting tips (and inspiration)

Whether you're trick or treating or holding a spook-tacular Halloween party, Mumsnetters share their top tricks <and treats> for creating the scariest faces this Halloween. 

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1. The internet is your friend

"YouTube and Pinterest are great for inspiration. Practice before Halloween - and then take a photo for reference!"

"I find that looking at a picture online of what I'm trying to paint helps."

2. Slow and steady wins the race

"Give yourself plenty of time! If you aren't in a rush you can take your time with a steady hand."

"You need patience, practice and wet wipes!"


3. Avoid a monstrous mess

"Make it a competition to see if they can sit as still as possible - it'll stop them from <constantly> turning their head."

"Always keep a hairband in your face painting kit to push hair off the face."

"Make sure they put their outfit on first."

"Wait until after eating so it lasts longer!"

4. Get the foundations right

"I put my usual make-up primer on DD before face painting - keeps it in place."

"A layer of Sudocrem helps face paint stay in place, and also creates a light blank canvas."

"White can be really difficult to get an even covering of. Use as little water as possible on the sponge (just enough to turn the white into a thick paste) and then do long, clean strokes to apply it."

5. Raid your make-up bag

"Use a set of old make-up brushes, or invest in a cheap set - they're so much better to apply with."

"It's good to use make-up pads to apply the face paint; you get softer results and the pads are brilliant for blending colours."

"Use a sharp lipstick pencil to draw scars and suchlike - and talc sets everything beautifully!"

6. Know your limits

"Less is more!"

"Sometimes you don't have to cover the whole face with face paints for it to look effective. A few 'blood streaks' or cobwebs can look very spooky."

"If you're not confident, give stencils a try."

7. And breathe...

"Don't get too stressed about making it perfect. My kids have always been so excited about having face paint on that they don't mind if it doesn't look quite as it is supposed to. As long as it's passable they're happy!"

"Let the kids pick whatever they want to be. Childhood is too short."

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Last updated: about 2 years ago