The beginner's guide to buying disposable nappies


It sound obvious, but there can be a big difference in absorbency ratings between the various different brands and styles of nappies. Some brands regularly score higher than others, so if your child is a champion wee-er you might want to test those out. (The more expensive, 'premium' nappies tend to score super well for reliability.)

The big test, of course, is overnight, when your child will be wearing the same nappy for up to 12 hours. You may even decide to go with a different (perhaps more economical) brand in daytime and a super-absorbent one at night. 


Some nappies appear incredibly bulky and heavy even before they have been soiled. If it worries you there are certainly some that are more slimline than others, so shop around. Another thing to look out for is that your baby may be more prone to nappy-rash by wearing a certain brand of nappy. A good barrier cream can help with this. 


Again, brands of disposable nappies vary tremendously in shape. Some are narrower - if your baby's stocky and plump you'll find it will be tight round the waist and hanging down to the knees when full.

Judging from your feedback, some also suited boys better than girls, so try out a few before you buy the super-size economy box.

And remember: what's called a junior by one brand could well equate to a maxi in another, so if you're switching brands don't bulk buy until you're sure you've found the right size. And even then don't go too mad as little bottoms grow fast - particularly in the first few weeks - you may be left with scores of nappies that only fit your child's teddy.

Last updated: about 3 years ago