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Since our decision to to ask members to refrain from any further discussion of Gina Ford, her methods or her books on the site we have been the subject of features in newspapers, on the television and in blogs.

To find out why we decided to take this action, click here. The most recent statements from both Gina Ford and us can be found here.


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We could lose our home over a young mum's joke
Evening Standard, 27 February 2007, Alison Roberts

"Legal action against parenting website Mumsnet by a so-called childcare guru could close the site down..." Read more

Baby expert Ford hits back at criticism
The Herald, 27 February 2007, Alison Cheisa

"Gina Ford, the baby-raising guru known as the Queen of Routine because of her strict rearing methods, has hit back at critics..." Read more

Queen of Routine lashes out at her liberal childcare critics
The Guardian, 26 February 2007, Jeevan Vasagar

"The childcare expert known as the Queen of Routine for her adherence to strict baby-rearing methods turned on her numerous critics yesterday..." Read more

Both idolised and reviled, baby advisor Gina Ford hits back
The Mail on Sunday, 25 February 2007, Elizabeth Day

"As the baby-raising guru prepares to sue her many critics, a fascinating insight into her childhood..." Read more

Taking the hassle (and fun) out of childbirth
The Guardian, 23 January 2007, Justine Roberts

"If you're pregnant but too posh to shop, not to worry - help is at hand from a new service that will source the best buggy for you, decorate the nursery, and even advise on sleeping routines..." Read more

The children's party is over. Now for the £50,000 bill
The Observer, 14 January 2007, Amelia Hill

"The jelly and cake days are gone as birthdays become the latest test of parental devotion ..." Read more

Nattering on the net – it's a private affair
The Times, 2 December 2006, Janice Turner

"As Harriet Harman wrapped up her speech on the future of family policy, there was an unseemly scrabble at the lectern..." Read more

Shift parenting 'hurts families'
The Observer, 26 November 2006, Gaby Hinsliff

Harriet Harman "will also promise to create a website for parents... modelled on the success of Mumsnet..." Read more

Baby Bomber
Prospect Magazine, October 2006, Josephine Wall

"A mischievous comment in an internet chatroom for new mothers gets me into hot water..." Read more

War of words between Gina Ford and parenting website
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Bulletin, September 2006

"A row has erupted between parenting guru and bestselling author, Gina Ford, and Mumsnet, a leading online parenting community..." Read more

Can't censor the internet? Tell that to your compliant ISP
The Observer, 20 August 2006, John Naughton

"One of the canonical adages of cyberspace is John Gilmore's observation that 'the internet treats censorship as a defect and routes around it'..." Read more

Fighting web's mummy wars
The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006, Justine Roberts (Mumsnet)

"There have been more than a few times over the last few years that I have experienced a surge of love for the bolshy, brilliant mothers who swap advice, support and witticisms on Mumsnet, the parenting website I co-founded with a friend from ante-natal class six years ago, but few as intense as the one I felt when I logged on last Sunday..." Read more

The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006, Rod Liddle

If you are not the possessor of a baby then there is little reason for you to have come across that smug ball of bovine advice, Gina Ford..." Read more

The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006, India Knight

"Speaking of the internet I see my old friend Gina Ford, the childless baby expert whose methods I personally find both brutal and dubious in the extreme..." Read more

Baby guru threatens to close mums’ website after criticism
Sunday Herald, 13 August 2006, Judith Duffy

"You are an exhausted new parent, it is the early hours of the morning and your baby has woken up, howling..." Read more

Baby wars: whose side are you on?
The Times, 12 August 2006, Camilla Cavendish

"Bewildered parents looking for advice on how to bring up their babies face another obstacle — the experts have fallen out..." Read more

We're all speaking Geek now
The Times, 11 August 2006, Ben MacIntyre

"Fifteen years after the birth of the world wide web, the lines of battle are clear..." Read more

The Times, 11 August 2006, Hugo Rifkind

"Further to the spat between the parenthood guru Gina Ford and the website" Read more

The Times, 11 August 2006, Dan Sabbagh

"The crude attempt by solicitors for Gina Ford to close down Mumsnet, a parenting website, is a reminder that when it comes to the internet, defamation law is ridiculous..." Read more

You cross new mums at your peril
The Daily Telegraph, 10 August 2006, Lorna Bradbury

"There is no more impressive sight than a new mum who's been crossed; so many hormones, so little sleep..." Read more

Gina Ford is a respectable baby expert, not a Middle Eastern terrorist
The Guardian, 10 August 2006, Catherine Bennett

"In the closing paragraphs of her ninth, and latest book, Good Mother Bad Mother, the baby expert Gina Ford makes a plea for peace, love and understanding..." Read more

This childish spat raises a vital issue
The Independent*, 10 August 2006, Yvonne Roberts

"Gina Ford, 'the Queen of Routine', the so called childcare guru and author of The Contented Little Baby, is definitely not a happy bunny..." Read more

Babycare guru fires back at Mumsnet
The Register, 10 August 2006, Lucy Sherriff

'Childcare guru Gina Ford says she is not seeking to close down the Mumsnet website, but has merely acted to defend herself from what she describes as a 'long-running campaign by which Mumsnet published very serious and offensive libels about me'..." Read more

When journalism is shackled, it's the powerful and rich who benefit
The Scotsman*, 10 August 2006, Paul Stokes

"How long should a young mum be left to bawl in an internet chatroom before she is threatened with a lawyer's letter..." Read more

Gina Ford: Baby guru bites back
The Times, 9 August 2006, Damien Whitworth

'Wherever parents of small children gather, two words dropped into the conversation are guaranteed to detonate like Molotov cocktails..." Read more

Nanny to the nation
BBC News Magazine, 9 August 2006, Denise Winterman

"Baby expert Gina Ford has threatened legal action over "gross personal attacks" about her on a website for mothers. Not usually known for their vitriol, why does she bring out such extreme reactions in parents..." Read more

Our mums could do it, so why do we need gurus to help us bring up baby?
The Times, 9 August 2006, Sarah Ebner
"I’m lucky. When I had my first child, I had three “experts” (my mother, older sister and sister-in-law) to ask for advice. I listened hard, muddled along, and it seemed to work..." Read more

Babycare guru demands closure of 'defamatory' site
The Register, 9 August 2006, Lucy Sherriff

"Babycare expert Gina Ford is threatening to sue UK parenting site Mumsnet and its ISP after allegedly defamatory comments were posted about her on the site..." Read more

Childcare guru goes to war over website
The Times, 8 August 2006, Dan Sabbagh

"A high-profile childcare expert has become embroiled in a dispute with a parenting website after her lawyers demanded its closure amid allegations of defamatory comments..." Read more

The baby guru who threw her bottle out of the pram
Daily Mail, 8 August 2006, Gordon Rayner

"Perhaps she is just at that age where she needs to test the boundaries. Or maybe she didn't have her afternoon sleep..." Read more

Baby expert stamps her foot at website chat
The Daily Telegraph, 8 August 2006, Sally Pook

"Gina Ford, the baby expert whose advice is either loved or loathed by parents, has demanded the closure of a popular internet site for mothers after it published what she claims to be defamatory comments about her..." Read more

Childcare expert threatens to have website shut down
The Guardian, 8 August 2006, Hugh Muir

"Gina Ford, the childcare expert whose advocacy of strict rearing techniques attracts critics and devotees in equal measure, has threatened to have a website used by 250,000 mothers shut down, claiming it has published allegedly defamatory remarks about her..." Read more

Mothers' website falls foul of Queen of Routine
The Independent*, 8 August 2006, Terri Judd

"In just a few years, Mumsnet has become a lifeline for 60,000 mothers looking for advice on everything from how to deal with a miscarriage to childcare and going back to work..." Read more

Oi, libel lawyers! Leave those Mums alone!
The Times Law Blog, 8 August 2006, Alex Wade

"Hot on the heels of the extraordinary vaudeville that was the Sheridan libel trial, lawyers acting for Gina Ford, the childcare author, are trying to close down the innocuous-sounding" Read more

The Times Law, 8 August 2006, The Water Cooler
"Think of the children! Author Gina Ford is taking action against, a community site for bored parents, because of discussion board postings critical of her bestseller The Contented Little Baby Book..." Read more

Childcare expert tries to shut website over 'slurs'
Gulf Times, 8 August 2006

"Childcare guru Gina Ford has threatened to shut down an Internet site used by 250,000 mothers because of a series of allegedly libellous attacks made against her..." Read more

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Comment is free at The Guardian
"It seems obscene to laugh at anything remotely connected with the awful events in Lebanon, but when Gina Ford's latest statement flashed up on my screen last night, that's all I could do..." Read more

"Gina Ford instructed her solicitors to send a letter to the ISP hosting mumsnet (update: another site is also reporting letters from Fords solicitors), threatening to sue them for libel if they didn't cease hosting the community site for moms and expectant moms, she probably had no idea how much attention it would get in the newspapers..." Read more

Doing it all again
"I was just reading the ten blogs I read everyday when I saw something in Tim’s posts for the day that made me stop in my tracks . He has linked to articles in The Telegraph and Times about how Gina Ford is trying to close immensely popular forum for mums, mumsnet..." Read more

Blaise Grimes-Vort on
"One of the recurring issues for Community staff is finding the right balance between allowing conversation and debate to flourish within their communities whilst avoiding risking legal ramifications. UK law dictates that dicussion boards and forums are treated as publications, firmly placing respondibility of content and community members' opinions on the shoulders of the virtual space owners..." Read more

"You know what's funny about England? They speak English, but they still have different names for things. They have a best-selling, but controversial cry-it-out baby scheduler like Dr. Ferber, only her name is Gina Ford. And their Urbanbaby, a message board where parents--mostly moms, really--trade advice and heated discussion, is called Mumsnet..." Read more

Rose Tinted Web
"The saga of Mumsnet v. Gina Ford has stirred up the debate on Freedom of Speech online. Gina Ford, a parenting guru (without her own children) seems to have objected to some of the comments made on the Mumsnet Bulletin Board..." Read more

Charlotte's Web
"A huge debate has exploded in the UK around what can and cannot be published online. Childcare expert Gina Ford, author of The Contented Little Baby Book and others, is threatening to sue the website Mumsnet, a forum run on a part-time basis by a group of mothers, for defamatory comments that appear in a couple of threads..." Read more

Pewari's Prattle
"I have watched, listened and read many of the news reports surrounding the Gina Ford vs. Mumsnet fracas. What I find interesting is that many news outlets seem to be missing the main point and are turning this into a discussion of Ms Ford’s methods..." Read more

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