Easy emergency biscuits

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By MrsBadger

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  • 1oz sugar

  • 3oz flour

  • 2oz butter


  1. Cream the butter and sugar.
  2. Stir in the flour, knead, roll out and cut out.
  3. Cook for 10 minutes at 180C/Gas Mark 4

Additional Information

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Cake/Dessert

  • Biscuit and sweets

  • Kids can help

  • Make Ahead

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  • kylepotter 22/10/18 15:03

    hi i would like to try this recipe but i was wondering what flour is it to use as ive only got self rasing also is it granulated sugar or caster sugar pleaseand what temp would i use on a gas cooker and how long to bake for any help will be great hopefully it will be a easy way to make Xmas biscuits this year

  • Cherry321 31/12/17 13:33

    Yum. Easy to make and tasty.

  • handsoffmecrownjules 04/02/15 21:46

    I love this recipe! So simple but they taste so much more complicated! I stumbled across something when I decided to replace 1oz of the flour with cocoa powder to make chocolate ones for my boys (4yrs old). They didn't like them (not sweet enough) but my colleagues thought I was a baking genius!! They were really delicious.

  • 07oakeyJ 16/10/14 19:00

    Fantastic! I promised to make cakes then realised we only had plain flour. I usually hate the cleanup after biscuits but this didn't seem so bad! Very quick to cook so I only got asked about 25 times if they were ready yet

  • lighttalk 15/09/14 17:43

    Shall be making some of these tonight :) big thank you in advance

  • BearsInMotion 30/03/14 17:11

    Plain flour :)

  • BobPatSamandIgglePiggle 28/03/14 09:54

    Do you use self raising or plain flour? Biscuit novice here!

  • Sizzlesthedog 11/12/13 11:41

    Easy to make with 2year old. Took as long to make as the attention span lasts. Wonderful easy recipe.

  • CreepyCaesar 22/10/11 15:30

    Made with DS and DNiece today. So easy and quick. Used choc chips and raisins and cut out with our new Halloween shapes! Brilliant.

  • OnlyWantsOne 10/05/10 10:33

    Yummy Doubled the mix, had to add some milk - but managed to roll it out about 8 times for DD to cut out various shapes, lovely stuff thank you

  • Amapoleon 22/04/10 11:41

    I just made these. Really easy and satified the sugar craving. I added raisins and put sugar on the top.

  • Onlyaphase 27/01/10 16:01

    Added finely chopped glace cherries and sprinkled with sugar before baking - all eaten before they got cold! Also, I am very lazy about rolling out stuff, so just put small balls onto a baking sheet and flatted them slightly with a fork.

  • backintheUK 18/01/10 17:57

    Made these at the weekend as we have no biccies in the house as supposed to be on a NY healthdrive ( ha!) They were very yummy, i addred raisens to mine for a bit more interest. I doubled up quantities and found it hard to make a dough so put a teeeeeeeny splash of milk in to help bind it together. Great!

  • pugsandseals 23/12/09 11:41

    Wow- I have never been successful with biscuits, but these were really easy & even taste nice! Am over the moon to finally manage to make some edible biscuits with my DD- thanks for the recipe!

  • eandh 04/12/09 06:09

    Made for dd2 preschool Xmas fayre - easy enough for her to help and used festve cutters!

  • shelleyizzyprawn 30/11/09 14:38

    Fabulous. already made one batch will be making a second today!

  • Littlemissmuppet 22/11/09 07:30

    Easy as...well, 1-2-3!

  • DanJARMouse 16/11/09 10:56

    fantastic! just had great fun with DD2 making these..... and trying out the xmas cutters!!! Can smell them already, cant wait to taste them!

  • GunpowderTortoiseAndPlot 05/11/09 20:29

    So quick, so easy and so tasty!

  • monkeypinkmonkey 20/08/09 14:04

    These have become a staple in our house, I used wholemeal flour though to make a wee bit more healthy.

  • Furball 01/04/09 16:50

    very easy, very tasty, went down very well, infact they didn't last 30 mins after.

  • AttillaTheHan 26/03/09 20:41

    Wow! just as easy as I expected and really tasty. Great for kids to help with too, especially with icing them afterwards (if you havent eaten them all by then!)

  • wendylanguage 23/09/08 09:28

    made two batches yesterday as the first one gobbled in ten minutes. Yummy. Sprinkled with caster sugar before baking for crunchy top.

  • MrsBadger 01/02/08 00:02

    (this was meant to go in the Handy Hint column): Tart up by adding chocolate chips, dried fruit, lemon zest etc Or ice afterwards

  • 2handsomeboys 11/01/08 09:44

    Just wondered what temp I'd use as I have an electric oven?