Microwave meringues

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Serves: 4

By beautifulgirls

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  • 300g icing sugar

  • 1 egg whites


  1. Separate the egg white from one egg.
  2. Mix in icing sugar until the consistency is mould-able in your hands - none of the faff of whisking up the white and folding in the icing sugar!
  3. Roll small amounts of the mixture into marble sized balls and place 4 of these spaced out onto kitchen roll on a cold plate.
  4. Place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on full power and watch in amazement.
  5. Once they have grown they will need about a further 20-30 seconds to dry out in the middle. The exact time will depend upon the power of your microwave.

Handy Hint

I usually find using 3-4 plates in rotation helps prevent these from getting too hot. The meringues can be hot inside so allow to cool before eating. Serve with cream, ice cream or fruit - or all three.

Additional Information

  • Make Ahead

  • Kids party

  • Kids can help

  • Cake/Dessert

  • Nut Free

  • Low fat

  • Dairy Free

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  • Banquebop 10/11/16 11:04

    Some ladies are saying they have trouble separating the egg white from the yolk. The best and easiest way is to keep a small empty plastic bottle handy (small neck type). Break egg onto a saucer, put neck of bottle over yolk, squeeze bottle and release. Yolk sucks up into bottle, job done. I've never yet had a broken yolk either so you can squeeze it out and use it. Hope this helps.

  • MangoBiscuit 08/07/15 18:46

    Made these tonight to go with strawberries and cream. So quick and easy, worked brilliantly, and went down a storm with both the DCs and DH. I did one set of them without changing the kitchen roll, and they sunk. Fresh kitchen roll and they rose and stayed puffed each time.

  • loler 27/02/09 14:47

    Mine rose really nicely but collapsed. Left them in longer and they burnt in the middle - taste nice but look awful. Don't know what I did wrong?

  • KatyMac 27/01/08 13:29

    Break the egg on a small plate - then put an eggcup over the yolk & tip up over a bowl - even a fairly ham-fisted child can manage this from about 7/8 upwards

  • Carmenere 27/01/08 11:27

    Wow, these actually work pretty well!! The shape is a bit irregular but they are stunningly easy and my dd is currently chomping one. I am going to start a thread directing people to this recipe as it is so easy and delicious. Thanks

  • beautifulgirls 24/01/08 10:36

    I used to make these as a kid from about the age of 10, and the only difficult bit for a kid is separating the egg white off in the first place. I have had my toddler and preschooler "helping" to a degree with this though it can be messy with the younger once stirring in icing sugar!!