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Serves: 1

By Tech



  • 1 tbsp tuna (if not fresh - which is expensive - then tinned in springwater)

  • 1 slice wholemeal bread

  • 6 prawns

  • 1 handful baby spinach

  • 1 egg


  1. Cut a hole in the middle of the bread in which the egg can be placed.
  2. Cook the egg, can be either poached or scrambled, and place it in the centre of the bread.
  3. Cover the slice of bread with baby spinach and then add the tuna and prawns on top at regular intervals.

Handy Hint

The meal can become a game - the child can eat the sharks (tuna pieces) before the sharks reach the crabs (prawns) and get through the seaweed (baby spinach) to arrive at the egg island.

Additional Information

  • Kids can help

  • tuna

  • Fish

  • Egg

  • Snack

  • Low fat

  • Dairy Free

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