Sausage and chunky veg lasange

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Serves: 4




  • 4-6 slices best quality pork sausages


Heat up a non stick frying pan.
Chop Onions and leeks add them first
whilst they are cooking, chop/cut sausages and add them to pan
chop mushrooms, garlic, courgette and any other veg you might fancy to go in.
once this is all reasonably cooked add tinned tomatoes and sweetcorn and organic vegetable stock and simmer for a couple of mins.
Make a simple white sauce and stir until it is reasonably thick.
Have a good sized oven dish put what is in the pan into the dish, add either gluten free or lasagne sheets of your choice, pour over sauce, and add sliced or grated cheese on top.
To finish sprinkle mixed herbs over the cheese.
Leave in oven for around half an hour.

Ideal with green veg if you want to be ultra healthy

Hope you find it as yummy as we did. :-D

Handy Hint

it's always healthier to make your own white sauce for dishes like these.

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  • italian

  • Winter

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  • Main Course

  • Gluten Free

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