Pork and wine

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Serves: 5

By custardo



  • 1 green pepper cut into strips

  • 1 red pepper cut into strips

  • 1 pinch paprika

  • 250ml red wine

  • 450g pork steaks diced

  • 1 tin tomatoes

  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 handful mushrooms


  1. Mix everything together and cook in slow cooker on low for 5 hours.

Handy Hint

You can save money by getting those strange looking mushrooms which are cheapest, don't buy a lot as a couple thinly sliced will go a long way.
Wine - this can make this dear if you're opening a bottle just for this but a great money-saving hint is to freeze dregs of leftover wine in ice cubes and then throw a couple in to recipes as needed.
Buy economy peppers (or visit greengrocer where you'll find fruit and veg loads cheaper).
Buy a cheap cut of pork but not too fatty. Again if you're bulking with veggies, add more mushrooms and have less pork as the mushrooms will be cheaper per pound.
Tinned tomatoes are always cheaper if you buy unchopped. Takes about 10 seconds to chop them!

Additional Information

  • Slow cooker

  • pork

  • Main Course

  • Nut Free

  • Egg Free

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