Egg fried rice

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Serves: 2

By Jenni145



  • 1 tsp olive oil

  • 1 large onion chopped

  • 4 tbsp soy sauce

  • 2-4 eggs beaten

  • 160g rice

  • 4 spring onions chopped


  1. Cook the rice in chicken stock according to packet instructions and leave to cool. It can be left in the fridge overnight.
  2. Heat the oil in a wok and pour the beaten eggs in. Stir the eggs to avoid it becoming an omelette.
  3. When the egg is about 75% cooked (ie still a bit runny), add the onion to the wok.
  4. When the egg is almost cooked through, add the rice and season well with salt and pepper.
  5. Drizzle in as much soy sauce as you want and throw in the spring onions. Cook for about 2 minutes, until the rice is piping hot.
  6. Remove from the heat and serve.

Handy Hint

If you don't want to use precooked rice, make it fresh and let it cool - I think precooked rice is fine as long as you thoroughly reheat it.

Additional Information

  • Nut Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Main Course

  • Basics

  • Rice

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