Unmissable Roquefort soufflé

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  • 250ml milk

  • 1 pinch baking powder

  • 50g flour (or 40g potato flour)

  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper (to taste)

  • 1 pinch nutmeg (to taste)

  • 6 eggs separated into yolks and whites

  • 30g butter

  • 80g Roquefort cheese


  1. Take two bowls and separate each egg: no yolk in the white or the fat will prevent the protein skin forming around each bubble of oxygen. Remember your science. Keep aside.
  2. Now, melt the butter in a small pan, then add the flour. Turn continuously with a wooden spoon while you add the milk slowly and the mixture will start thickening. Do keep on low heat and be patient so you get a good coating of your spoon.
  3. Turn off the hob and add the egg yolks one by one, still turning the spoon regularly. Add the cheese and spices while it's still hot then put aside.
  4. Whip up the whites until very firm. It is important to beat them well and long enough so the bubbles are as numerous and dense as possible. Very fresh eggs are a prerequisite for successful egg whites; discard any watery or discoloured eggs for they are likely to ruin your best efforts. The traditional pinch of salt or baking soda in it helps break up the molecules and sets the mix quicker.
  5. Gently but swiftly fold the egg whites into the yolk mixture, avoiding to break up too many of the precious bubbles.
  6. Pour into a greased soufflé dish immediately and put straight into a warmed oven: 20 min at 180C. Less if you are making individual soufflés. Lastly, a soufflé should not wait but as I discovered last week, if your guests are not sat down by the time it is ready, do not despair: Back for a few minutes in the oven, it will actually rise again! Mi-ra-cu-lous.

Handy Hint

A pinch of bicarbonate in the whites will really help getting fine and firm peaky whites plus make sure your oven is set on giving heat from the bottom up!

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  • cheese

  • Starter

  • Vegetarian

  • Nut Free

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  • Dianeandonly 21/03/11 12:26

    Thank you Tamk! I tested many methods and recipe before I cracked this one... Souffles can be a really stress but not when you understand a bit of the basic chemistry underneath - I love the Herve This videos on utube and that helped a lot when I was researching this piece. Glad you found it easy and fool-proof. Diane www.travelsaroundmykitchen.com

  • TAMK 18/06/10 14:36

    This is the recipe I have just blogged on : travelsaroundmykitchen.blogspot.com It is easy and absolutely fool-proof but you end up with a fantastic looking (and tasting) dish. You can replace the cheese with one you prefer or make it any other flavour: chocolate, prawns, cheddar... anything!