Yummy spiced pear jam

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Serves: 4

By loopylacy



  • 500g sugar

  • 2 tsp cinnamon

  • 1 tsp cloves

  • 460ml cider

  • 1 lemon

  • 0.5 tsp all spice


  1. Chop the whole fruits into rough chunks, keeping cores, skin and pips.
  2. Put the fruit chunks and cider/wine/water in a large pan and cook until the fruit is soft.
  3. Rub the cooked fruit through a sieve, collecting what goes through and discarding what is left behind.
  4. Measure what you have left (in cups), then for every cup add:
    a) 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
    b) 1 teaspoon of crushed or ground cloves
    c) 1/2 teaspoon of allspice
    d) the grated rind and juice of one lemon
  5. Put in a jam pan and cook gently until the sugar dissolves, then bring to a good boil.
  6. Boil well until the butter reaches setting point, stirring all the time to prevent burning.
  7. Remove any scum from the surface, then pour into sterilised jars and seal them.

Handy Hint

I recommend making a childs and adults version of this butter. Its sooo yummy and is very nice melted onto crumpets. My son loves it!

Additional Information

  • Make Ahead

  • Jam and chutney

  • Winter

  • Autumn

  • Christmas

  • Nut Free

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  • mizzzy 20/09/15 00:17

    500g sugar

  • mrsmacleod 06/09/11 18:27

    How much sugar should you add?

  • loopylacy 03/08/11 17:42

    Its really worth a try, its different and definately worth the effort. if you make a big batch iuts good for gifts to visitors : )