Microwave fudge

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Serves: 24

By Lurleene

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  • 500g caster sugar

  • 5ml vanilla essence

  • 1 tin condensed milk

  • 100g butter


  1. Mix the butter, milk and sugar in a large, microwaveable bowl.
  2. Microwave on high for two and a half minutes or until the butter has melted. Stir.
  3. Microwave on high for 10 minutes, pausing every few minutes to stir. Add the vanilla essence during the last stir.
  4. Remove from the microwave and pour the mixture into a greased shallow tin.
  5. Cool at room temperature and cut into squares when cooled.

Handy Hint

Very sweet, so don't use as much sugar if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Additional Information

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Snack

  • Biscuit and sweets

  • Kids can help

  • Make Ahead

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  • Queensmessenger 24/07/19 19:03

    Brilliant in a 900 watt microwave. Used 400 GM icing sugar and no grittyness. Timing variable as it took about 12 mins but having to stop every 30 secs to avoid boil over. Will experiment with lower heat setting say 80% and will let you know. The trick is to let it really thicken before pouring. Two lots made with another following tonight

  • Domesticdeity 07/10/18 15:43

    I had to stop it every min so it didn’t boil over but only stirred every third min. When I took it out I then added the vanilla and beat with an electric whisk until it thickened then poured it and it’s turned out perfect

  • Notamumijustlovefudge 03/11/16 06:57

    I was hasty! Fudge set and it's perfect! (nice colour, consistency and taste - - no longer like watermelon.) This recipe has succeeded twice, no thanks to me. Five stars!

  • Notamumijustlovefudge 03/11/16 03:18

    I've tried this recipe twice - - and what a difference just a few variables make! The first time was a complete success. It was like a delicious firm caramel. I had halved the recipe and wasn't expecting much. The second time was a bit of a disaster and I think it was because I used the butter I had, which was salted. It bubbled over almost instantly and I had to stir at 10-20 second intervals to avoid it happening again, as a result it took a very long time and I ended up undercooking it by about 2 minutes due to loss of attention span. I also put in a third of the sugar, thinking it would be sweet enough but the taste of the condensed milk took on a weird, watermelon-like flavour. My advice: use unsalted butter so it doesn't boil over every 10 seconds, cook for the full 6 minutes at least, and, if you want it to taste like caramel or fudge, don't cut the sugar by more than half. Fantastic recipe - - thank you! Good luck everyone! :)

  • Tormheron 29/10/16 11:41

    Made fudge recipe in 850w micro. Found sugar never dissolved properly & fudge was far too sweet. Made another batch with no sugar. Mixed both together & cooked for a further 8mins. This time when it set it was brilliant. Hope this helps.

  • Chilimama 17/01/16 13:08

    [No comment]

  • Chloe92 08/08/15 21:21

    I love making fudge. My partner loves fudge. Hes got a sweet tooth. I will have to try this out.

  • FrillyTilly8 08/08/15 15:11

    So quick and tasty!

  • NoMoreMarbles 08/08/15 12:13

    Ooo! I'm going to try this! It's my husbands birthday next month and he loves fudge! Thanks for the recipe!

  • Bazelle 18/12/14 10:32

    I replace 50g of sugar with 50g of maple syrup. absolutely divine.

  • Muriel 17/12/14 16:53

    What size tin?

  • ArchieOlivia 17/12/14 13:44

    Can you do it on the hob if you have no microwave?

  • NuttyMummy3 07/09/14 20:03

    I used a Deep Pyrex dish. I microwaved it for two minute bursts, ten minutes in total and stirred each time. Have just poured it into a shallow Pyrex dish. Looking good so far. Hopefully it'll set! Tried different recipes on the job and it went wrong each time. Namely...burnt them!

  • kiransingh 25/08/14 12:28

    I just made this and have put it aside to settle, it's still quite runny though - How long did you guys leave it to settle?

  • allweneedislove 13/12/13 19:40

    I'd like to make this for Christmas but has anyone got a clear idea how long it should take in a 900 watt oven please?

  • ejsmith 16/11/13 15:05

    I made double but cooked it in three lots, as I didn't want it to boil over. Used some brown sugar as I didn't have enough caster sugar. Every time I stirred it I dropped a little in a pot of cold water until I got a 'soft ball'. It was a bit grainy but I quite liked that, it was similar to Scottish tablet

  • StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes 28/09/13 12:33

    did double and don't think I cooked enough as it did not seem to be setting so I scared it all out and did it again in two batches. the first is overcooked... hard and brown (toffee?) the next looks about right, waiting for it to cool but the dripped bits tasted yum.

  • NightmareWalking 25/09/13 23:30

    I noted the comments and cooked for 6 minutes, not 10, and it still melted my microwaveable bowl.

  • veggieface 20/09/13 17:59

    oooh be careful with the hot mixture, it'll take the skin off your hands!! boils over very quickly, so don't be tempted to leave it!! a pinch of sea salt is good at the end, too. just the job for those times of the month when only sugar will do...!

  • ruthie48 20/09/13 14:43

    I made this today but beware fellow MN if you have a 750w microwave reduce time!! I ended with boiling fudge after 6 minutes when should take 10! I think this recipe is for 650w microwave.

  • jobobpip08 20/09/13 14:28

    My microwave is 800. Still waiting for the half that was left to cool down so I can sample mmmmm

  • debiwashere 20/09/13 14:08

    Perfect the easiest fudge I have ever made. I used 400g of caster sugar, and next time I would make sure it had completely dissolved as the fudge was a bit grainy. I would also add a little more butter. I used a VERY large pyrex dish and stirred every two minutes. The fudge has set well, has a lovely colour, tastes good and all in 10 mins - very impressive.

  • Griselda 20/09/13 13:31

    Just made this, mine alternated between boiling over and making a mess or not hot enough so sugar didn't melt and tasted grainy. All resolved by adding choc chips at end to melt. Still picking fudge off microwave:-)

  • henbane 20/09/13 12:45

    Like to try this but after comments re boiling over / over cooking can you let us know what HIGH is on your microwave Lurleene? (on mine now it's 900 but on the last one it was only about 600, quite a difference!)

  • jobobpip08 20/09/13 12:01

    Must have done something wrong, mine boiled over at 6minutes and now I have quite a mess to clean (when its cooled down)!! Might stick to the hob...

  • Lurleene 20/09/13 11:37

    dianeq - I use a 397g tin of condensed milk. Hope you enjoy it.

  • fifegirl75 19/09/13 19:59

    Just tried this, 10 mins too long in my microwave, should have stopped at 8 when I thought it was looking darker... Easy though and would try again. Off to eat slightly overdone fudge, can't let it go to waste :)

  • dianeq 19/09/13 19:22

    OOOH sounds yummy :) what size tin of condensed milk do you use ?

  • Lurleene 28/06/13 14:35

    An easy way to make fudge without worrying about burning it on the hob.