Banana cake

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By 2handsomeboys

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  • 8oz self-raising flour

  • 6oz sugar

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 big bananas

  • 4oz butter or margarine


  1. Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/180°C/350°F.
  2. Mash the bananas with a sturdy fork.
  3. Cream the butter and sugar together and mix in the eggs.
  4. Mix together the two yellow sludges you now have, and mix in the flour.
  5. Scrape into a loaf tin and bake for about 40-60 minutes.

Handy Hint

You can also add a pinch of cinnamon or a tablespoon of cocoa powder or 4oz of chocolate chips

Additional Information

  • Nut Free

  • Vegetarian

  • Cake/Dessert

  • Kids can help

  • Make Ahead

  • Can Freeze

  • banana

  • cake

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  • user1473878288 14/09/16 20:47

    Very good and very moist,but I did have an accident adding some Ginger,as the top fell off,and half the contents fell into the mixture ,but it was ok and made it better. I also added some fresh grapes ,and that worked well to.

  • sulley21 16/03/15 23:47

    As a chef i usually use 150 grams of sugar 125 grams of butter 1 egg 190 grams of self raising flour 2 bannanas mashed 150 currants/ raisens or white chocolate chips and never had a complaint cook on gas mark 4 so it slow cooks and it becomes more moist but this recipe was good but have to agree way too sweet

  • JustCallMeDory 21/01/15 13:53

    Good recipe and easy to make but very sweet - maybe 5 or even 4oz sugar would be better? The bananas give it sweetness so 6oz sugar on top makes it super-sweet.

  • MrsWooster 18/01/15 21:14

    lovely. easy and light texture - it's even easy than it says, as I creamed butter and sugar ( only 3 oz and it didn't make a difference) and just squished in the bananas and then eggs then flour. also addedone TSP of mixed spice. two small loaf tins so we could freeze one. not a chance! all eaten in two days.

  • MissCakeyBun 28/11/14 22:12

    Fantastic.....made this for Sunday tea and it went well with blancmange rabbits

  • itypefast 10/12/13 16:52

    Gorgeous and easy to make with my 3-year-old. Added choc chips.

  • Thebacklady 27/11/13 15:05

    Great to throw in the oven in four minutes flat but tweaked it with soft brown sugar instead of white and a teaspoon of ground ginger and half a teaspoon of mixed spice

  • Champo 07/11/13 13:03

    I made this yesterday and I am so impressed! My baking always goes wrong, but this was super simple and very delicious. I added lemon frosting to the top and I will definitely be baking this again. And again.and again!

  • mrsharkness2 26/08/13 13:10

    Just made this cake and its got to be the best banana cake yet and I've tried lots of recipes! I added a handful if dessicated coconut and replaced some if the white sugar with brown. Also added a splash of vanilla, and also a few choc chips. Lovely lovely lovely !!

  • Mrszumba 04/08/13 11:57

    I used the Castor sugar, raisins (only a few and not soaked in rum:-( and the extra banana ideas so thank you ladies! I still actually think it could have been more moist (!) so next time I will use 4th banana and more raisins as family seemed to like the raisins! Also used round tin and fine. Everyone liked. Yep easy as I am NOT a baker!!

  • BusyLittleSpider 02/06/13 15:03

    Great recipe for using up old bananas. I'm a terrible cook, my family usually give me a look of pure horror when I offer them any homemade baked goods but everyone enjoyed this and it didn't last long at all! I love the previous suggestion of adding choc chips, will definitely try this.

  • hayley68 06/05/13 17:40

    I've just made this. This was easy, yummy and i'm not a cook! i will be making this again soon. i put in the cinnamon and left it in the oven for the full time stated.

  • Saylia 05/04/13 13:30

    I baked this easy and rather wonderful banana cake, however, I added my own twisted to it: Golden caster sugar, cinnamon & vanilla and it taste delicious!

  • mandyblick 25/03/13 13:37

    Thank you. Just made this lovely cake. Had to use golden caster sugar, 3 medium bananas and only took 45 minutes in my oven. I also added half a pack of milk chocolate chips!I didnt have a loaf tin so put it in a round tin with removable base. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • notagypsy 16/11/12 21:08

    Do not use 6oz sugar, is far too sweet. Can't even eat it! I would make again but only use about 4.

  • Timetochange70 26/09/11 20:04

    Absolutely easy peasy ! kids mixed it all themselves and went in a lumpy gloop of very dodgy looking yellow and came out gorgeous well risen delicious cake ! Thank you

  • pollyblue 28/04/11 15:47

    Lovely! Just made this with 4yo DD and it's turned out really well. Needed covering with foil for last 15 mins cooking time (took 60 mins in my oven). Added choc chips too. Easy as pie, will def make again, and I LOATHE cooking [grin]

  • QueeferSutherland 27/03/11 22:20

    Absolutely fantastic cake! I always use 3 bananas and a pack of dark choc chips. I DO NOT BAKE, but this is easy peasy, and turns out great every time. The whole family loves it. I have used wholemeal flour + some baking powder when I had not SR, and it was fine.

  • littlebellsmum 24/02/10 15:04

    This is just delish - my 5 yr old to his sister "it's yummy, just eat it!" Said in a tone of great excitement!

  • pookey 20/02/10 18:55

    Good lunch box treat. Easy to make with kids so long as bananas are ripe and butter soft. I really liked the fact that the measurements were in oz as ds could watch the scales and tell me hat number they were at. Overall it was a success and DS and DP loved it, DD less keen. Might be nice with some ice cream or toffe sauce or something liquidy served with it.

  • Hther 27/01/10 14:51

    lovely, just made a sugar free version using honey, might add cinnamon next time

  • hazlinh 04/12/09 03:00

    Lovely and dead easy to make, and I am not much of a cook at all! Just the sort of recipe I like. Yummmm

  • becca2405 08/11/09 23:18

    I made this yesterday and there's none left! Lovely cake and easy to make, am going out to buy more bananas tomorrow! :)

  • AmpleBosom 08/11/09 18:26

    I've made this with and without chocolate chips and it was lovely

  • ILikeToMoveItMoveIt 05/11/09 14:43

    Great recipe, I added choc powder and chopped walnuts. I did take longer to cook than stated, but that could be my (dodgy) oven.

  • jenniferturkington 20/10/09 17:19

    Great recipe! I had to replace the self-raising flour with plain + 3tsp baking powder but it was still lovely. My 2.5 year old loved helping to mash and mix, and of course eat the finished product.

  • KristinaM 16/08/09 21:11

    Very easy to make and yummy. My 9yo can make this with minimal supervision and all the family love it.

  • Alibabaandthe40nappies 28/07/09 14:25

    I have just made this and it's turned out perfectly. I can recommend eating a slice while it's still warm, yum! The challenge now is not to eat it all before DH comes home from work :)

  • Starshinetiger 23/07/09 21:34

    Yum, yum, yum. This also works wheat and dairy free - made it this afternoon with my DS (2.10). Used Doves Farm Gluten free flour and added 1 generous tsp baking powder and 1 generous tsp guar gum. Also added the tbsp cocoa powder (Green & Black's). Turned out wonderfully (despite my best baking attempts to ruin it as usual [grin])

  • TrickyWoo 22/07/09 11:55

    My husband has just called me from work to say thanks for the slice of cake in his lunch. This has NEVER happended before. He is the cake-maker and generally justifiably dismissive of my (pan) cakes.

  • sazzerbear 19/07/09 17:32

    Made this to cheer neighbour up who's dog had to be put down and she thought it was lovely! will make to for myself next time, very easy to make - yum! [grin]

  • Zeeky 17/07/09 16:54

    Made this this afternoon. VERY easy and tastes delicious! I have made various banana cakes in the past which have all used a lot more ingredients than this one, but I think this one actually tastes the nicest! I put a bit of cinnamon in with the flour. My toddler loved it and asked for more!

  • Sheeta 17/07/09 09:33

    Don't have a loaf tin, but had some black bananas that needed using, so made this with banana buns instead (only needed cooking for about 25 mins) and they were absolutely lovely.

  • cheeseycharlie 17/07/09 09:22

    if you have some, put some walnuts on top before it goes in the oven. they go all toasty in the oven and tast yum and make you look like such a pro

  • littlelentil 16/07/09 18:31

    I just made this and it came out perfect! I put into a muffin tin as did not have a loaf tin and made 6 light, fluffy and perfectly cooked muffins (baked for 25 minutes). Made me look a genius!

  • gregorysgirl 16/07/09 14:12

    I quite often make this with some honey and cinnamon in too. Also it keeps well wrapped in foil in the fridge, great cold with a thin layer of butter or honey!

  • carriemumsnet 18/06/09 15:00

    We had 2 very overripe bananas that the dh wanted to throw away, but I was sure Mumsnetters could help me use them up and I wasn't disappointed. Not only did I use up my bananas, I also managed to cook this with dd aged 3 and dd aged 10 and let them both feel involved. We then had "healthy" school break snack/tea time treats for the next couple of days. Ours didn't take as long to cook as the recipe but maybe our fan oven is hotter. It did burn a bit at the edges, despite covering it with greaseproof paper, but only took about 35 mins so that was good and it was so delicious. Now just want to get some more overripe 'nanas!

  • Cazwa 31/03/09 20:09

    SO easy, I made this in a rush and it still turned out great.

  • Amapoleon 28/03/09 21:07

    So easy and so tasty!

  • 27/03/09 23:52

    Delicious and easy too!

  • kslatts 27/03/09 08:25

    My dd's have just completed their cook badge at Brownies so are now very keen to bake more at home. We have tried lots of Mumsnet recipes and this was our favourite cake recipe. I was so easy and turned out lovely.

  • Scrumplet 07/03/09 00:12

    I'm not a confident cake baker, but this was sooo easy and tasty. I gave the first slice to a friend who is a cake baker extraordinaire, and she loved it. That's good enough for me. (PS The only things I did slightly differently were to add a few tablespoons of boiling water to the butter and sugar - my butter was too hard - and I cooked it in a round tin instead of a loaf tin. Worked out fine though.)

  • stircrazymum 19/05/08 15:56

    Easy, great with kids, no faffy ingredients and delicious!!