Stuffed pork fillets

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Serves: 4

By Melty



  • 1 onion chopped

  • 2 pork fillet with butchers string or skewers to hold in place

  • 10 slices streaky bacon

  • 6 sage leaves washed, dried and finely chopped

  • 250ml sweet cider or pressed apple juice.

  • 50g butter

  • 12 slices bread stale, white

  • 2 tbsp parsley fresh or frozen, chopped

  • 1 apples chopped into small cubes


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan.
  2. To make the stuffing, whizz the bread in a blender to make breadcrumbs. Fry the onion gently in butter until soft and translucent. Add breadcrumbs, apple, salt and pepper and parsley. Add just enough apple juice to bind the stuffing together.
  3. Place the pork fillets flat on the chopping board. Cut lengthways down the middle, but not all the way through.
  4. Put stuffing most of the way down one fillet.
  5. Place the second fillet over the top. Wrap with streaky bacon.
  6. Tie with butchers string or secure with skewers.
  7. Place in a roasting tin, with the remainder of the apple juice or cider. Cook for 35-40 minutes or until it reaches 70C with a meat thermometer.
    Take out cover with foil, and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  8. Either serve with apple sauce or make a gravy with the remainder of juices in the pan. Lovely with greens and mash.

Handy Hint

This can also be cooked with sausage meat stuffing, but it will take longer to cook and may benefit from being covered until the last 15 minutes cooking time to keep moist.

Additional Information

  • pork

  • bacon

  • apple

  • Meat

  • Main Course

  • Low fat

  • Dairy Free

  • Nut Free

  • Egg Free

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  • 26/11/12 18:34

    You can also use packet stuffing if you wish.

  • Melty 26/11/12 18:33

    Pork Fillets are approx £10 per kg at the moment so this is a treat for Sunday Lunch. It's very tasty and a recipe that my mum has cooked for years. It is important not to over cook though or it could be quite dry as its a very lean cut of meat.