Lemon drizzle cake

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Serves: 12

By Marslady

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  • 340g self-raising flour

  • 6 tbsp milk

  • 255g sugar

  • 4 eggs beaten

  • 2 lemons zested

  • 255g butter

  • 3 tsp baking powder


  1. Heat the oven to 170C/Gas Mark 4.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together. Put in a lined tray. Bake for about 30-40 minutes, until the knife comes out clean.
  3. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and heat for 20 seconds in the microwave. You can add icing sugar to improve the consistency if you like. Prick cake with fork and pour warm lemon juice over surface.

Additional Information

  • cake

  • lemon

  • Can Freeze

  • Make Ahead

  • Kids can help

  • Biscuit and sweets

  • Cake/Dessert

  • Vegetarian

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  • CrushedNinjas 30/03/16 15:07

    Wonderfully simple recipe that goes down a treat. The quantity of mixture splits nicely into two 1lb loaf tins for me.

  • Donki 25/09/13 21:14

    Works brilliantly with gluten free flour too...

  • bargainlil 17/03/13 14:24

    How do you get a crunchy lemony sugary topping? I always mix lemon juice & sugar but can never seem to get it all lovely & sugary & crunchy :-(

  • LiveItUp 31/10/12 14:28

    So easy, so light, so gorgeous. An instant hit with the DS's (and me). I halved all the ingredients and made it in a smallish loaf tin and reckon there's a good 10 slices to be had. Cooked slightly hotter in aga which is too hot for some recipes, but this stayed really light and moist. Score 10's all round!

  • Mirage 03/05/12 16:17

    This lasted less than 24hours in our house.One of the best cakes ever!

  • insanityscratching 25/04/12 16:34

    Delicious and foolproof, turns out perfect every time. Now a firm favourite here.

  • LaDiDaDi 11/02/12 16:56

    Came back to mumsnet after ages away just for this fab recipe!

  • CarelessWispa 08/02/12 14:19

    Fantastic recipe. End result light and fluffy and very lemony. Have many lemon drizzles in the past, but this was the best yet. I halved recipe and used my brownie tin (square), and it fitted perfectly.

  • Liskey 23/09/11 13:59

    Delicious - made muffins out of the mixture and they are absolutely fabulous

  • ggirl 08/02/11 17:39

    Bloody fantastic recipe , I didn't have enough sugar or butter but adjusted accordingly and it came out beautifully. Everyone amazed as I am usually crap baker.

  • chegggersplayspop 28/09/10 18:04

    I halved the measures and cooked for less time and it's come out really well. Moist and a hit with my little tester! Easy to cook, I mixed it all by hand and it was fine.

  • fakeblondie 31/05/10 10:02

    Totally fab-if i can mnage thi anyone can, and it makes a huge amount !

  • Lovecat 29/05/10 13:49

    Fabulous, glorious cake! If I could give it an 11 I would... I like a ^very^ moist and lemony cake, though, so I heat up all the lemon juice from the lemons and pour that over while hot, then make the icing with additional lemon juice from a bottle (about 3 tbps). I also add a tsp of lemon oil to the mixture (but I do like things very lemony!) and it's had so many compliments it's untrue. Instant Domestic Goddess status!

  • TheGrinch55 25/05/10 19:47

    I whizzed this up in my mixer and its just about the driest cake we've ever tasted. There was the merest hint of lemon. Most of the cake is stuck to the bottom of the dish and my DH would rather die than take it to work.

  • NormaSknockers 20/03/10 06:40

    This is so easy to make, literally chucked everything in my food processor & voila! Absolutely delicious, best Lemon Drizzle cake I've ever made! I did change the topping slightly though as I didn't use icing sugar, I used 50g of granulated sugar & half the juice of a lemon all drizzled over the top for that crunchy topping (thanks Bella!) Fab recipe - bit hit in this house! 10/10

  • fakeblondie 18/03/10 21:19

    I`ve just made this enormous and totally fabulous lemon drizzle. I`m quite a novice and its turned out beautifully ! Enough to feed all 6 of us for a couple of days i think ! I`ll definatley be using this recipe for many years to come so thank you so much Marslady for sharing it with us x

  • QueenFaeriecakes 11/03/10 13:35

    Ive used marslady's recipe a dozen times , works amazingly every time (not counting the first time when i undercooked the middle!) ...delicious and sweet. big thumbs up from all the family too.

  • GoldysMum 01/03/10 14:46

    I can't understand why all these comments are so positive. They must be a lot more experienced than I am at cake making! It came out tasting really nice but the making of it was a complete disaster and I think a bit more explanation is needed for a beginner! I figured that by sugar the recipe refers to caster sugar, but later in the recipe icing sugar is mentioned. I am a complete novice to had to google to find out that you make icing from icing sugar and use caster sugar in the cake itself - I hope this is what I was meant to do! It also isn't clear from the recipe whether you put the lemon in the icing sugar or pour it over the cake or both. I did both in the end but again I think a bit more explanation would have helped. Finally, when I pulled the cake out to prick it with the fork after 40 minutes it completely collapsed and wasn't ready at all. I put it back in for another 15 and although everyone said it tasted fine, it looked a mess! Anyway, it has been mentioned here that this recipe is idiot proof but not quite! I will try again with more cooking time as it did taste really nice but I think beginners need a bit more guidance from a recipe!

  • cheesebaby 28/02/10 21:32

    10/10 from my DP - and he's not even keen on Lemon! Made mine with pure sunflower spread and soya milk for a dairy free cake, and it's the best lemon drizzle I've ever made :) 39 mins @ 175 in my fan oven

  • GoldenSnitch 25/02/10 13:52

    I made this in my trusty KitchenAid so it literally took no effort at all and was utterly delicious:) T'is enormous though and I ended up making DH very popular at work but inisiting he took half in with him the next day. Regretting it now we've run out at home...!

  • schiaparellipink 25/02/10 11:29

    Oh my god, i made enough for two cakes and it's amazing. even in my crappy fan oven it worked! hooray for you and bollocks to points-counting for the next 2 days.

  • Adelicia 24/02/10 17:19

    Has anyone tried making this with egg replacer?

  • hobnob57 21/02/10 10:45

    Forgot to say I used Pure marg too.

  • hobnob57 20/02/10 17:07

    Just made this dairy and gluten-free and it worked! Tastes a bit different with oat milk, but still yummy to the cake-deprived. Dove's farm GF SR flour and GF baking powder made from 2 parts soda bic:1 part cream of tartar:1 part cornflour. I've little experience in baking so wasn't sure about how much icing sugar to add for the drizzle, but added what I had left.

  • JoeyBettany 19/02/10 07:20

    I divided the mixture into 2 pound loaf tins and it worked really well, even though I only had 3 (large) eggs! Delicious, will definitely be making again !

  • tkband3 17/02/10 11:56

    I love this recipe and it's very easy to make gluten free as well - just substitute Doves gf self-raising flour for the usual flour. Works a dream and no-one ever knows it's gluten free - it's always a hit whenever I make it.

  • cariboo 07/02/10 22:22

    Made today - delighted with results. Looked gorgeous & family loved it. However, a bit too rich & too sweet for me personally. 250g butter, 250 sugar & 4 eggs - yikes! Wonderful with a cup of very hot, very strong tea.

  • PavlovtheCat 21/01/10 20:07

    love it! It is one of DHs favourite cakes and i have never made it before, he was very impressed. So was DD aged 3.5 who 'helped' me make it and ate 2 slices !

  • bogie 10/11/09 16:58

    the best lemon drizzle and really easy

  • GreenPeas 08/11/09 10:03

    Really lovely, yummy cake - and so easy to make! The first time I made it I didn't put enough lemon juice on top so I think the key is to keep drizzling even when you think it's soaked.

  • pieta 19/08/09 17:07

    absolutely delicious!

  • frekkles 18/08/09 16:11

    i found that if you add a dram of single malt to the topping it's a winner

  • aquavit 13/08/09 14:51

    Fab recipe. You can make cupcakes with it too - for extra fanciness I put lemon buttercream on top of the drizzle (or just leave the drizzle off, but it's less delicious and lemony that way). Bake for a bit less time - about 20-30 mins.

  • ExtraFancy 25/07/09 12:19

    Also works perfectly if you halve the ingredients - bake for a shorter time, I found about 25-30 mins did the trick. Yum!

  • shootfromthehip 16/04/09 08:35

    Made this last week and it disappeared in 24 hrs- that has to be a record in our house. lovely with Raspberry coulee

  • Juwesm 02/04/09 11:37

    Very tasty, and enormous! Made in an 11" x 11" pyrex oven dish, and worried that it might not come out very deep, but was absolutely fine. Only had one lemon with rind on, so bumped up the lemoniness with a bit of lemon oil! Used crunchy topping of cold lemon juice and granulated sugar rather than using icing sugar. Delicious, lovely light sponge, not too crumbly. Half in freezer, mainly to prevent us from scoffing the whole thing this week! Thanks for the recipe!

  • pipsqueak 31/03/09 23:35

    i had heard so man y rave reviews about this cake but was a little sceptical but have tried it now and would rate it highly . i made a bit of a mess of the drizzle as it seemed to need loads of icing sugar to get it to a consistency to not just run off hte edge . also the cake was rather enormous but i am not complaining about that ! will definitely make again!

  • StarlightMcKenzie 24/03/09 11:08

    Is it normal sugar that you use?

  • StripeyKnickersSpottySocks 17/03/09 20:19

    My fave cake.

  • franch 26/02/09 20:30

    Just perfect. Have made this several times now and it's a huge hit. Pretty idiot-proof too. Note that you need a big tin (I use a roasting tin). Thanks Marsy :-)

  • fionaann 02/12/08 11:44

    Did you see that Sarah Vine in the Times yesterday said that this was her favourite recipe for Lemon Drizzle cake?

  • ExtraFancy 28/10/08 20:58

    We made this today and it was perfect! We halved the quantities and it came out just fine - bit of an egg shortage in our house :)

  • hunkermunker 20/10/08 17:25

    I love you, Marsy.

  • ggglimpopo 28/06/08 14:20

    Marsy I love you (and this cake) but can you please write in metric!

  • francagoestohollywood 20/05/08 18:37

    It's delicious! Especially warm from the oven.

  • mumwhereareyou 21/01/08 08:24

    Lovely cake made it last sunday all eaten by wednesday. Kids asked for more. So easy as well just what i need as a novice baker.

  • lanismum 20/01/08 14:59

    This is sooo nice my girls loved it, its also VERY easy to make.

  • Thinkstoomuch 17/01/08 22:36

    So easy and very, very yummy. It's also good warmed up and served with creme fraiche.

  • NormaStanleyFletcher 10/01/08 11:34

    Fantastic recipe - easy to do and really popular with children and adults alike every time I have cooked it (It is famous too)