Pasta primavera

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Serves: 4

By Majeika

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  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 3 courgette chopped

  • 1 clove garlic crushed

  • 150g asparagus sliced

  • 150g baby carrots chopped

  • 150g Greek yoghurt

  • 4 tbsp creme fraiche half-fat

  • 500g fresh pasta


  1. Boil a pan of water.
  2. Trim green beans and slice courgettes. Fry garlic and courgettes in oil until they are golden brown.
  3. When water is boiling, add the beans and carrots and boil for 1 minute. Add the asparagus and the fresh pasta and boil for 3-4 mins.
  4. Drain pasta and vegetables and add to the courgettes and garlic. Mix with crème fraiche and a little water and fold through.
  5. Season and add Parmesan.

Handy Hint

Keep a little cooking water back to add to the crème fraiche.

Salmon or chicken could be added to this, which will make it non-vegetarian.

Additional Information

  • Kids can help

  • peas

  • Pasta

  • asparagus

  • Main Course

  • Vegetarian

  • Nut Free

  • Low fat

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  • SamWidges 17/05/13 22:26

    I made this for myself and my 2 teens - we all LOVE it. Next time, though, will use lots more garlic and creme fraiche. And I will make this again This would work really well with mushrooms instead (fully or partially) of the courgettes.

  • Mizzwhizz 09/05/13 20:58

    Sounds like a lovely simple recipe but I do feel the need to point out that Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian!

  • corkythecat 14/05/10 19:44

    My husband has gone out to watch the football, my little boy is in bed and I have just cooked this for myself as a treat. It is lovely!!! Will be cooking it again tomorrow for the whole family.

  • Lee36 11/05/10 11:15

    Really quick, easy and healthy. Adapted fine too, used peas instead of beans and added chicken strips. Think it would work really nicely with strips of smoked salmon instead of chicken - didn't try it on kids but will do next time, nothing for them to dislike.

  • alece 07/05/10 12:59

    tasty and health:)

  • Majeika 17/10/08 16:11

    We all love this as it can be made with most veg from the fridge! Doesnt have to be baby carrots as carrot batons would be fine.