Spinach and bacon frittata

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Prep time:

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Serves: 3

By hertsnessex



  • 4 handfuls spinach

  • 230ml milk

  • 1 handful cheddar

  • 6 eggs

  • 2 tbsp sour cream (to top)

  • 1 handful cherry tomatoes (to top)

  • 1 bag mixed salad

  • 8 slices bacon roughly chopped


  1. Fry the bacon pieces without oil until they brown.
  2. Add in the spinach and mix around allowing it to wilt.
  3. Meanwhile mix the eggs with the milk and a pinch of pepper.
  4. Pour egg mixture over the bacon and spinach.
  5. Grate some cheese to add on top and then put in the oven for 20mins.
  6. Once the frittata is done, halve the tomatoes, put a handful of salad on the plate and serve with a big dollop of sour cream.

Additional Information

  • Make Ahead

  • Kids can help

  • tomato

  • cheese

  • bacon

  • Meat

  • Lunchbox

  • Main Course

  • Brunch

  • Gluten Free

  • Nut Free

  • Egg Free

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  • 23/01/08 17:51

    Tasty - watch the bacon as this can be quite slaty and will overpower the taste