How to make the perfect gin and tonic

Presenting the Mumsnet guide to the perfect summer tipple. Chin chin!

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Gin: is there ever a wrong moment? 

gin tonic

"My late Mum only ever had G&T from April to September, and I'm keeping the tradition going."

"It's always gin season in my house."

So many gins, so little grown-up time...

gin collection

"Have decided to spend this year building up a gin library, adding a bottle of something new (usually on offer) every month or thereabouts. Whitley Neil and Gilt gins have been good finds."

"I've just finished a gorgeous bottle of Sacred and am planning to treat myself to Hendrick's next. It's the one thing I can still drink without getting a hangover."

"Last week I bought a bottle of Few Barrel and it has ruined me for all other gins. It is a beverage of wonder."

"I love Heston's Earl Grey Gin from Waitrose."

"Apparently there is a gin distillery near me in Walthamstow called Mother's Ruin, They run a bar in the distillery and my friend has promised to take me for my birthday. Can't wait."

Then there's the vexed issue of tonic...

tonic water

"I love it with tonic, lots of ice and a slice of lime. I like to keep little cans of tonic so that it remains fresh: flat tonic is a travesty."

"I really rate Fever-Tree tonic. I find it very hard to get Fentimans here (not in UK), I will have Schweppes at a push but never, ever Slimline - horrible aftertaste."



Garnishes - are you trad, or progressive?

gin and cucumber

"Cucumber definitely works - slice, put in freezer, then you don't have to have too much ice watering down the gin."

"With ice, a slice of lemon and some nice tonic - heaven."

"Try putting a slice of pink grapefruit in - sublime."

"I tried a slice of cucumber in my Tanqueray and Fevertree last night. I can't say it did much for the drink; I prefer lemon, but it was lovely eating the cucumber afterwards!"

It's never too late to start sipping...


"I tried a gin and tonic last week for the first time ever - Hendrick's with Fentimans tonic, ice and a slice of cucumber. I'm now totally hooked." 

But do remember: moderation in all things


"I haven't had gin since 1984 when I had one by mistake - and woke up in a stranger's bed next morning. I jumped up, stumbled back across the room, hit the wall and fell over. Luckily the stranger thought this rather amusing - we went on to get married."


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